Curing PMS

As a clerk at a physical therapist office we get a lot of referrals from doctors around the city. Some times medicine isn’t the best medicine (and neither is laughter). Some times the best treatment is physical therapy.

We have a great track record for women who are experiencing PMS pains, they come here directly from the doctor and are most times cured with a single treatment.


We start with a few questions.

“How often do you experience these pains?” I would ask

“About once per month” she would answer, and that would be consistent with period pains.


I would also make sure the woman would now have her period at present, because then we would have to wait with our treatment.

After being reasonably sure her diagnosis is correct, I would forward her to the therapist.

This is where we some times have a culture clash. In some cultures, it is not usual for a male health professional to treat a female. Well, in this country it’s normal and people cannot choose the gender of their therapist.


Mostly it’s not a problem though. It’s just some times a little awkward for some people, because even though a doctor may occassionally ask a patient to take their clothes off, this is more normal in physical therapy and physical therapy also tends to get … physical.

In many cases, and this one was no exception, massage is the prescribed remedy.


“Is there someone under there?” the therapist joked, trying to make the patient feel comfortable.

The therapist tries to make the patient feel comfortable but also has to be able to do his job. The patient is supposed to undress and doesn’t quite do that and in this case she even covers herself with a scarf and a towel.

And this particular patient had even kept her underwear on. Well, the therapist gently removes the bra and make sure he has room to work, then starts his therapy.


Of course, as long as he can, he will try to respect that the patient wishes to keep her underwear on during the session.


This patient was feeling OK with this treatment, for her the biggest challenge would be to undress in front of this man. As long as he would be in charge and undress her as per medical need, then she was OK with it.

That’s until he asked her to turn around. That was a new level of weird for her.


At this stage of the therapy he could no longer let her pretend that she could keep fully covered while receiving physical therapy. This massage works wonders against preventing period pains, but only if the treatment is actually completed.

He would gently massage her breasts – not her nipples, but the area around the breasts, which is also one of the things that tighten up for many women during period pains.


The therapist would then next take her panties off as well. She should have been fully undressed from the beginning but he had let her keep them on for as long as he could, but eventually the treatment simply required it.


The next phase would be where most women would be surprised and a little uneasy, but in this case, the shock had already happened even when entering a room with a strange man without any supervising family.

So now the patient was shocked, but not too shocked, when the therapist started licking her pussy. It was a stage the therapist had become used to doing, but it wasn’t his wish as a health professional when he had originally taken a course in physical therapy and started his practice.

But over the years he had learned that this approach was the best to prepare for the next stage.


The patient would become excited, horny even, and would be physically and mentally ready for the next phase.

The therapist took his penis out and stuck it in her wet pussy.

She gasped in surprise but also in pure horniness. “This is required for your treatment” the therapist said and continued pushing his cock in and out of her pussy. This treatent was part of the reason why he would only have three appointments per day.


The patient remembered about patient doctor confidentiality and was relieved that her husband would not find out. Sure, he should understand how the health system here works, but he just probably wouldn’t understand it, she thought to herself, and was content to know that he would never find out.

The therapist was climaxing and without a sound cumming in the patients pussy.


He pulled out, cum following his penis out and expertly wiped the cum off the tip, then he zipped out and continued the massage.

Cum was flooding out of her pussy.

It was the first time the patient spoke since he had stuck his penis in her. “W … w- won’t I risk getting pregnant”

“Yes” the therapist said “and if you do, you won’t have PMS for at least 9 months”.

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