Discovering Kira – Part 2 of 3

Continued from this story:

I had discovered Kira at a friends house and had hired her to be my receptionist. Kira had an amazing skill, which was total lack of self awareness and inability to look in a mirror, and on top of that, she was quite stunning.

She would usually wear sheer underwear to work, but today I told her it was non-casual Friday and gave her an outfit to wear. It was the most outrageous outfit I could find.


A client was coming in to hopefully sign a deal today. He had made positive remarks about my choice of receptionist and I wanted to acknowledge that.

This particular outfit had a quality which is not very clear on the picture above, but more clear on this. Whenever Kira had to adjust her outfit, the skirt would rise a little and put her wonderful pussy into view.


Of course, Kira was completely oblivious to this. I still didn’t know why – whether she didn’t notice, didn’t care or simply was so naive that she figured someone would tell her if there was something she should know. I guessed the latter was right, but didn’t care too much, as long as she was as she was.

Our client was received by Kira and was very happy with what he saw.

We got all the details sorted with this client and he would now go home to get his lawyers look it through and then come in for a signing later on.

I decided to tell Kira how it went and that it was partly because he was so impressed with her. I also decided to tell her that from now on, panties were no longer allowed at work for receptionists.

Kira nodded as she had done before and went back to the reception and greeted guests.

The next day Kira wore an outfit she had worn before – with panties.


It was a great look, but I had expected she would not wear panties today, as I had asked her to. “Uhm, I suggested yesterday that you didn’t wear panties from now on, was that OK with you?” I asked, as carefully as possible. I didn’t want to scare her away.

“Oh, I totally forgot about that – of course, that’s no problem. But do you think the dress is long enough for that?” she asked.

Her dress? I guess she was talking about her corset. So she was self aware, just not very much.

“Sure” I said, “give it a try”.

She took her panties off, but was a little uneasy about it.


“Are you SURE it’s OK?” she asked. “Is the dress long enough?”

“It’s quite OK” I said “I’ll let you know if there is a problem.”

Kira’s trusting nature was happy with that explanation and smiled at me as well as the client that was coming in now. I could see the client couldn’t control his eyes, so I caught Kira’s attention. “Please bring us come coffee to conference room F”.

I signed the deal with the client and the success made me understand that I needed to move Kira up from the reception to get the most out of her.

“Good news, Kira, you’re up for a promotion – from now on, I want you to by our CRM assistant – how does that sound?”

“Good” she said “But I have no idea what that is”

“That’s no problem, I’ll teach you”.

Put this on and read this manual. I handed her a ‘manual’ I typed up the night before. It contained instructions on managing a relationship with clients.

After 20 minutes she had read the whole thing. I told her that we were gonna practice this first before she was going to get real clients. “Imagine I am the CFO of a client and you need to convince me to look favourably on our recent bid on their contract.


She started explaining the core values of our company and how we would be a reliable partner to trust throughout the contract. She also told she would personally guarantee that they would be happy with our services. Really, she did quite well!

I told her I was sceptical and she did as she was instructed in the manual, she went on her knees and pleaded with me.


“Well, I am not really sure what to do – how do I know you’re serious?” I asked her, still playing the role of the CFO that needs convincing.

She was in doubt about what do at this points. I whispered to her to help her along “You should unzip my pants now and start taking your own shirt off”.

“Ok” she whispered back and continued the roleplay.


“I’ll show you we mean business when we say so” she said.

She put her breasts around my penis. I was surprised – I thought she was going to blow me, but this was good too.


She undressed completely, leaving just her stockings on and I did the same – well, except for the stockings, I didn’t wear any in the first place.

She lied back on a desk and invited me to join her. I went to her and pushed my cock into her. Oh, how I had waited for this moment.


Kira was really doing everything in her power to fulfil what it said in the manual. It said to please the client in any way necessary to win his confidence in our commitment to them. She had immediately understood what that entailed and was excited to be moving up in the world of buiness.

Oh yes, she knew what she was doing.


I pushed hard into her and let my entire cock bury inside her. After that there was no way back and I just started fucking her as fast as I could while cumming in her.

She smiled at me. “Did I pass the test?” she asked.

I laughed “Yes, you most definitely did”. I knew she was going to be a great ASSet for the company.

Read the surprising tale of how she managed to convince clients to sign deals with my company in the 3rd and final chapter of this story.

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