We were cooking for some of my dads colleagues who were going to come for dinner later. We were invited as well, but a separate table had been made for us. Our family is sort of religious and try to keep to the traditions of our home land.

And yes we wear the veil or the niqab or whatever you want to call it.

But not all the time.

When we are home by ourselves or with close family, then we take it off with no problem.

Now the guests were supposed to come at 7 pm and since it was just 4 pm now, I took the veil off while I concentrated on cooking.

But I was careless!

I didn’t hear the door open and one of my dads colleagues wandered in.

“Anything I can do to help?” he said. “Your dad told me I should come by a little earlier and help arrange everything”.

He should have told me!!

“Oh no!” I said and scrambled to find my head gear and put it back on.

But the damage was done.

My aunt saw the whole thing.

“Go to your room and pray on this” she said.

I took my veil with me and left for my room.

The guy didnt fully understand what was going on, but I think he understood enough. He came to console me.

“Close the door so your aunt doesn’t see you” I said and he did.

“I don’t need any more trouble now. Don’t you knock!?” I berated him.

“Sorry, I didnt know. Your dad told me I could come now”.

5 minutes later

My aunt opened the door and found me sitting by the bed, praying.

“Oh good” she said. “When are you done?”

“Probably in about 30 minutes or so” I replied. She nodded and smiled and closed the door.

However, what had happened was that my carelessness with the veil had caused the guy to find my irresistible. Just like my aunt always said.

In fact he was right now licking my virgin pussy. He just couldn’t help it and I had only myself to blame.

“Is it unavoidable?” I asked him “Must you really fuck me now?”

“No, of course not” he said “I must not. But if you want to, I could be up for it” he said.

“No, I understand, you have seen me without my veil, I know you must” I said, didn’t want to make the inevitable awkward for him.

He accepted what I insisted and fucked me on the couch in my room.

I knew I should not let him do all the work.

I push him back on the couch and sat on his cock and started fucking it energetically.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry I tempted you” I said as I moved my pussy up and down on his cock.

“Fucking cum in me, do it now!!”

And so he did, while I continued fucking him.

Yes, I had tempted him beyond his abilities to resist me, but I had followed through and done the responsible thing, I told myself as cum was now dripping from my pussy.

“Yes, my aunt would have wanted this from me” I said as I started walking to the bathroom connected to me room.

But then I turned around and looked at the guy and said “But maybe it’s best if you don’t mention it to her”.

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