Erotic theater

As a struggling actress and dancer, I have to take all parts I can get. When I saw the theater asking for a dancer in an erotic play, all I read was “theater”, “play” and “dancer”. I saw the “erotic” part as well, but ignored it. This was a part I had to audition for.

I went to the audition, and wouldn’t you know it, I got the part!

I received the instructions and rehearsed the dance for weeks. I was given the custome a few days before the first time we were gonna go on stage. It was a white Marilyn Monroe style dress and there were specific instructions that panties were not part of this outfit. I knew what that meant – the erotic part would be the glimpses of my pussy as I danced around as rehearsed. Although I’ve never done anything like this, I didn’t even consider backing out, chances like this does’nt come around too often.

At the premiere evening, everything went perfect – I went on stage at exactly the right time and I think I pretty much nailed the introductory dance routine. As my co-stars entered the scene, it became more complex.


Yes, the script did in fact say that they should kiss, bite and lick. It didn’t say explicitly that they should hold up my skirt while doing it, but to tell you the truth, I hardly even noticed it. However, I quite enjoyed the fact that the audience was applauding. I dared assume that they liked the setup and the acting and not only applauded because some dudes were lifting my skirt, exposing my pussy.

I kept dancing and acting as I had practiced and everything was going well. The scene was about my admirers who were all trying to get my attention, but they were arguing among themselves about who should be the one to get me. A classic plot.

This next scene was one of the scenes I knew was the reason why I was asked to not wear panties. It said I should jump and make a split in mid air. As I did it, something happened that I had not foreseen. The guys grabbed me in mid air, with my legs spread.


I was not supposed to hang there. The script did say that they should try to grab me while I jumped away, but it did not say that they should succeed. I froze when I hang there and one of the guys even crouched and split my pussy lips. I felt violated. This was not what I expected.

All sorts of thoughts went through my head as I was hanging there, my legs wide spread and my pussy exposed to the entire audience. You have to understand that this was the premiere. We had never done the performance before and I accepted the fact that there was going to be surprises. And it did say that the play was erotic. This certainly was.

The next part was a complete surprise to me. The position was part of the script and even my exposed breast was actually intentional. I knew that going in.


The script said for me to lie like that for up to 10 minutes, with my eyes closed. It’s only natural that one dancer does not get to be an active part of the entire play, but I was afraid that I was attracting too much attention, because in this position, lying down, my dress would fall down at my hips and pretty much expose my naked butt to half the audience.

As I lied there, as scripted, with my eyes closed, I counted the seconds and also listened for my queue. I was supposed to get up when I heard someone say “Can’t we all get along?”, but it didn’t happen yet. The next thing that happened, was that I felt a terrible pain in my ass and I instantly went out of character.


I screamed and looked up. I was embarrassed that I had gone out of character, I was supposed to lie there for 10 minutes with my eyes closed, so I closed them again, hoping that no one had noticed I wasn’t in character. Only then I realized what was going on. One of the guys were shoving his cock up my ass. I couldn’t believe it, was this really supposed to happen? It didn’t say anything in the script about that, but then again, it didn’t say anything about the script about what would happen during those 10 minutes.

I agreed with myself that this was completely ludicrous and unacceptable. This should definitely have been mentioned to me so I could have backed out. As I realized this, I was just about to shout out and stop the entire play, when I thought about my situation. I was already having a cock up my ass on stage, nothing could change that, and if I stopped now, I would get fined by the theater. I said to myself that I should at least finish this performance and then I could get out of it.

“Can’t we all get along?”

As I heard my queue, I thought it was over. I jumped up as scripted, but to my surprise, I was held up by all the guys. I had understood that I should be jumping up, but the guys held me up. I was happy when the cock exited my ass, but only seconds later, it was replaced by another cock. As the 4 guys held me up, another guy even forced his cock into my pussy.


I sure as hell didn’t want to quit now when I had gone this far, so I let it happen and played along. I could still recognize the script, but this was certainly not how I saw it.

The dialogue continued as planned, with the guys stating that there was no reason to compete, they could all just share me. They were all getting along as they came in my holes to the applause of the audience.

One thought on “Erotic theater”

  1. As the scriptwriter I was of course watching, and I did see her get out of character during the ten minutes lying down with her eyes closed. I was very glad when she got back into her role, especially since it would have been necessary for the other performers to help her stay in character if you know what I mean.

    I hope she agrees to at least one more performance, since we'll be raffling off to an audience member the opportunity to buttfuck her during the ten minutes involved…

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