Food Safety

I recently had got a divorce and I hadn’t been laid in ages. Lately, all I could think about was sex, every time I looked at a hot chick.

I had been working like crazy lately, as we all know divorce isn’t cheap.

I had been working down at state food inspectors building, as a food inspector for about 5 years now. I had my last appointment set up for the day with Ms. Gina.

Funny thing is I knew her before the appointment. I ate lunch at her food truck just about every day.


Ms. Gina was sweet and a single mom, trying to live her dream with her truck. I had to admit I had a huge crush on her.

I approached the counter, she saw me and smiled. How are you Today Ms. Gina?

I’m doing quite well today, and how about yourself? She asked.

I’m doing alright myself, let’s get to this inspection, shall we?


She met me at the door, and our eyes caught each other. I thought to myself man if I ever got the chance I would take it.

Ms. Gina watched as I walked around checking to make sure everything was in order. I had a list of things that had to be checked off, in order for her to pass the inspection.

Well, we are all done with that part of the test.

What do you mean that part? Ms. Gina said.

I replied “yes” now I have to watch you actually prepare a meal on your menu, so I can ensure all food is being prepped correctly and proper precautions are being followed.

She smiled and turned around to start prepping the food, and then my mouth dropped.


“Are you…?” I said in a shocked voice “where are your bottoms?!”

Ms. Gina smiled and replied “I slipped them off right before you came in”

Then I asked why? She replied, “well you are cute and I see the way you look at me I know you want it.”
I couldn’t believe this was happening right now, I mean she wasn’t wrong, but here!

All I could think of was the health violations being broken, mixed with thoughts of getting into her sweet pussy.

She then walked over took the clipboard tossed it across the room, and slowly started to kiss me.
Then Gina took my cock out of my jeans and while stroking my cock with her hand, she began to suck it.


She sucked me until I just had to feel what her pussy felt like. I pushed her on the counter and took her in from behind slowly.

Just as I started to get a good stroke going, two customers showed up. I had to slow it down and let her concentrate on serving them.

While the food was cooking, I moved out of the sight of the customers and started eating her pussy, which almost caused her to burn the food.

The customers started to get upset because of the wait. Ms. Gina apologized to them, served them the food that was ready and told them there last few items were coming right up.


While they waited on there last item, I went ahead and finished Ms. Gina off. Her pussy was dripping wet from the excitement of fucking in front of the customers.

I was quite turned on myself by the whole experience.

The customers received their food and left. Right after they left, I went full force fucking her until she could barely stand.

I felt myself about to let go, and then I came all in her pussy.


Afterward, we laughed about it, and I asked her out. She said yes and I ended up passing her on the inspection.

I mean how could I not?

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