You don’t return a gift

I was feeling pretty down about my birthday this year because my boyfriend couldn’t spend It with me. We had been growing distant lately and I was really looking forward to the intimate time together.

As I sat wondering how I would spend my day, my doorbell rang. I was surprised to find four guys standing there with a cake.

They handed me a card and it read I hired these guys to give you a good birthday fucking. I was shocked did my boyfriend just actually hire guys to fuck me.


I didn’t know what to think of the gift at first honestly. Maybe it was a nice gesture and perhaps an expensive one, but you should ask before doing something like this.

Did he consider that I might not want to be fucked by four guys?

I did tell him one time it was my fantasy to be fucked by multiple guys; I guess he listens after all.

It was an awkward start, I didn’t know what to say or do. One of the guys started to undress me, another guy started caressing my breast. I started thinking maybe I would enjoy this gift after all.


One by one they took their time massaging my breast and sucking my nipples. The feeling from all the hands and mouths on me was turning me on.

Two of the guys started to jack themselves off and watched as one guy slapped his cock in my mouth and the other started to fuck me.

They guided me to the couch and then each of the guys took turns fucking me. None of the guys were ready to finish yet so when my pussy became too much for them they rotated.

They said they wanted me to have a hard cock in my pussy at all times. This was turning out to be a sort of nice gift if you really look at it.


I figured since it was my birthday that I wouldn’t have to do much work, boy was I wrong.

They kept a cock in my face!

I think they enjoyed my head game, I had each and every one of them moaning and yelling out for some more.


After about 45 minutes and 2 orgasms, I was starting to lose interest a little and the guys noticed it and starting wrapping it up – and by that I mean they started Cumming in me.

What a job these guys had done.

It was actually pretty amazing, one of the best birthdays I’ve ever had now that I think of it.

They told me they were required to provide proof to my boyfriend and they staged a photo with me holding the cake and their cocks all around me so that they could send it to him. What a strange but interesting boyfriend I have.


Your boyfriend asked us to give you this note after we were finished. They handed me the card and left out in a hurry.

I thanked them again for the birthday gift and walked them out.

I came back in and opened the card, it read:

Dear Cindy

I’ve been wanting to break up with you and I thought this would be an appropriate break-up gift. I’m sorry it happened like this but I hope you had fun on your birthday at least. I wish you all the best in your life.”

Yours, well not really yours, but you know what I mean,


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