The Studio

Harry and I had been dating for about 3 months. He was pretty hot and I really enjoyed hanging out with him.

Lately, he had been acting quite weird, he wouldn’t tell me but I knew something was up. Usually, we were pretty open about everything.


I met Harry down at his studio, and as I approached him I could see he was with a friend.

Hey baby, he said and leaned in for a kiss.

I want you to meet my boy Cory harry said, hey nice to meet you he said.


I had been out a while so I called to check in at home, just to let them know that I would be chilling with Harry and his friend at the studio.

When I walked in the music was so loud, I could barely think. Harry went and cut it down and then made us all drinks.

I think we were all feeling a bit tipsy after 3 rounds of shots. Harry walked over to me and started to slowly, kiss me.

He looked up over at Cory and signaled him over. I wasn’t paying any attention, but I feel my breast being pulled out and caressed.

I let out a hard moan, and I look up to see that its cory, fondling my breast and I was sort of shocked.

Harry grabbed my face and kissed me more passionately, then said, baby, its ok, I don’t mind sharing.


While Cory was massaging my breast Harry decided to join him and do the same.

I was getting so turned on, and starting to like this idea of having two cocks at once.


They both began to suck my breast and I let out a loud moan. My pussy instantly got wet.

Harry knew that sucking my breast was my biggest turn on, and made sure he used his tongue to lick every inch of my breast and nipple.

Just as I was starting to enjoy the attention, they pulled their pants down. The sight of two huge, cocks starring me back in my face was enough to make me cream.

Harry slowly guided me down to the floor, and popped his cock right into my mouth. Cory came in closer for me to massage his cock.

Then I started to rotate and I turned to Cory. I sucked his balls first, and I could tell he enjoyed it. Then I sucked on the tip of his penis and finally, I took his His whole Cock right in my mouth until I felt his tip hitting the back of my throat.


They pulled me up from the ground and started quickly snatching my clothes off.

Harry started to kiss me passionately on my neck and I was thinking, I just couldn’t wait to have their cocks in me. I jacked their cocks off to keep them nice and stiff for me.


As soon as they got me undressed, they hovered over me with their cocks. I gladly sucked, and slurped, and made it as nasty as they like it.

Cory pumped his hard cock in my mouth in and out, while Harry bent me over on the couch, and stuffed me full.


Harry really knew how to use his huge cock, it barely fit in my pussy. He had stretched his cock so deep in my pussy I moaned for more and I told him to go faster.

Harry flipped me over to face him. He loved to get a good look at my pussy. Cory jacked himself off a few minutes, so he wouldn’t cum just yet.


Cory came back over to the action and asked if he could tag in and get a taste of my pussy.

They switched up and Cory began to eat my pussy like it was hot apple pie, with ice cream. He was amazing, my eyes were rolling back and I pumped my pussy all over his face.

When he stood up my pussy juices were all over his face. Then he slid his stiff cock into my throbbing pussy and I let out a small scream.


Cory held my leg and pumped his huge cock in me so hard, my pussy juices were flowing all over him.

This was turning out to be an exciting studio session, I must say.


Just before they could switch back, some guy walks in, stops and says “whoa! looks like a party is going on in here.”

They looked back and said “hey.” I assumed it was another friend, Then Harry asked if he wanted to join.

He replied by getting undressed quicker than the speed of lighting.

I didn’t mind two cocks had been so awesome so far a third had to be even better.


Harry leaned in and kissed me and asked if it was ok if his friend Eric can try some of my pussy.

I know this sounds weird, but him even asking that turned me on so much.

I replied, “of course baby.”


Eric walked over and sucked my breast a while. Then he slapped his fat cock on my pussy to get it even wetter.

He put his cock in and after about his 5th pump, he came.!

I couldn’t believe not only did he cum so fast, but he came inside of me.


I had been on birth control, but I had just run out that day.

My little fun time at the studio was about to bite me in the behind.

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