When they can’t pay

Monday evening we had a service request on a fridge and dishwasher, with a Mr. and Mrs. Robinson. 

It happens quite often that when the three of us are out on a job, we do the whole job in the trust that the customer can pay and then when we are all done, we ask for payment or at least a confirmation of the completed job, so we can send an invoice.

After we completed the service request and went to ask for payment, and she said that her husband had paid already. We didn’t have a confirmation of a completed payment. We informed her we had no payment, but that we could get a signature from her husband because we only had Mr. Robinsons information in our system.

Mrs. Robinson would have to call our customer service department, and a bunch of other mess, it really was a stupid process.


I’m sorry, I really hate to make this any more difficult for you but we need your husbands signature. U

Unfortunately, he won’t be home for another 5 hours she said. We also charge by the hour we informed her, so it had to get taken care of right away.

Just as I took out my phone to call my boss, and alert him to the situation she dropped her sweater. “Perhaps we can come to some agreement,” she said and she playfully touched us.

She stood looking pretty hot and we all looked at each other as what to do next.


She unzipped our work suits and crouched down and before we knew it, she was sucking all of our cocks.

She went one by one sucking us slowly, swirling her tongue around the shaft.

Who would have thought we would end up on a service request like this?


She went around for a while sucking our cocks, then we moved into the living room on the couch.

I undressed her, while the other two started to massage on her breast and suck them.

Then the fun began. We started out with a cock in her mouth and one in her tight little pussy.


Just as she started to wonder where the third guy had gone off to, he came around to join us. he came and shoved his cock up her ass. She let out a loud moan, and I could tell she was at the point of creaming.


Wow, three cocks in me at once, she said and then creamed all over our cocks instantly.


Right as she creamed, we all switched positions.I went and face-fuck her, while one fucked her and the other played with her breast.

We had been at it a while and the last thing i wanted was for her husband to walk in and see 3 guys fucking her.

As i pumped faster and faster in her mouth i couldn’t hold back anymore and came all in her mouth. It was oozing all down her face, and she loved it.


We cleaned up and got dressed. As we approached the door I turned to say, “I guess we can come back for the signature later, then, after all”, I said, “But of course, we still have to charge for the extra hour we spent here, or our boss would be angry at us”.

So the important lesson we learned that day was to make sure We always only put the husband’s name on the form.

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