Getting out of a hold

I had just begun self defense class for women. My instructor was teaching me a few tricks on how to hit someone. One of the details he taught me was, to re-frame my own mind, so that I would be able to mentally hit as hard as I could. Many times, someone has the physical strength to hit someone, but they are so unaccustomed to it, that they don’t actually hit with all their strength.


Of course, this is all fun and exercise. It’s not because I’m especially afraid usually and think that I’m going to actually use these self defense skills, but I guess it’s good to be prepared.

At one point, he grabbed me and held me down. At first I was laughing.


“It’s not funny” he then said “how are you going to get out of this grip?” I stopped laughing and realized he was in the process of teaching me a serious lesson here. He was right, with his weight and muscle power, he was able to hold me down.

But he taught me how to get out of it. That was truly amazing. “Look here, just wiggle up with your hip, so I will lose my grip for a second, then move to the side and push the other way with your hand”. I tried a few times, then it was there. I did as he had instructed and got out of the grip. Very nicely done.

“I have to show you another grip, it’s quite important”. I nodded. “It’s no secret that a woman’s self defense course is partly to prevent situations which could turn into rape. I need to teach you how to get out of a more difficult grip than the other one.” I nodded again. “Please take your pants off” he then said. “Uhm, I don’t know…” I wasn’t really comfortable with that.

“What’s wrong, are you not comfortable with that?” he asked. He hit the nail on the head. “No I’m not” I responded. “Do you think you will be comfortable when attacked by a man in a dark night?” he further asked. I guess he was right. I did as he asked and I also stood in a doggy style position as he then asked. I was shocked when seconds later, he started moving his cock into me.


“Hey, is this really necessary!?” I said and tried to move away, but he held on. “Go along with this, please” he said “we need to establish the parameters of this scenario for the realism to be as good as possible.

He moved his cock further into me. “Hey!!”. “Yes yes, let me explain” he said. “Before I was holding on to you and I taught you how to get out of that grip. Now I’m holding on to you with one extra remedy, namely my penis, so it will not be as easy for you to get out of this grip.” he asked. I took it as a challenge, and tried to get out of it. I couldn’t. He moved his cock further into me and essentially fucked me.


“See, it’s not so easy now” he said “but let me teach you an easy way to get out of it.” He said this, but didn’t really follow up with anything, he just kept fucking me. After a few seconds where he didn’t say anything, I said “Yes … ?” in anticipation of when he was gonna tell me how to get out of it. “Wait for it …“ he said and continued.

“I currently have the advantage that I have my cock in you, and as it is stiff, it helps in me keeping the grip on you, so you can’t get out of it” he explained, while still fucking me. “Wait for it … Aaaahhhhh!”

He had cum in me, but finally explained: “If you cunningly let your attacker cum in you, his cock will go limp shortly after, and you will more easily be able to get out of the grip”.

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