I had to go flying today

I had never tried flying before. It wasn’t that I hadn’t had the chance, but I was simply afraid of it. It made me quite afraid to think of the fact that I would be very high above the ground.

But another thing worried me more. I didn’t know anything at all about flying. What could happen was a mystery to me. But I had to do it today. It was a bet with a friend of mine, that I would go flying before my 21st birthday, and that was today.

I was happy to have found a pilot that I really trusted. He seemed to really know his stuff. Also, he had been prepped by my friend that I really didn’t know ANYTHING about flying, so he should explain me all the details.


Especially when he asked me about whether I knew about the change in air pressure when going into the air, I knew he was a professional.

I didn’t know about that, and it was quite obvious that he knew it.

"It can be dangerous to not even out the pressure when flying and to not prepare your body for flying, such as your ears and your genitalia".

I was again surprised, that I should be careful about my ears and my genitalia. "But what will I do if the air pressure changes?" I asked.

"Just hold your nose and blow through, your ears will pop right out and it will be even".

"Yea …" Although it was good to know, it wasn’t really enough. "But what about my … " I paused "genitalia".

"Ohh, that’s no problem. Just prepare it with a dildo before taking off, and you’ll be fine."

I couldn’t believe I hadn’t planned this better. I didn’t bring a dildo and now I needed it to go flying. He just looked at me. "You didn’t bring a dildo, did you?" I slowly shook my head, looking down.

"Well, let me see what I can do" he said, and pulled down my panties.

Good thing he was a professional, or I wouldn’t have let him do that.


"Yes, I’m sorry" he then said. "You need an equalizing device for your genitalia. If you didn’t bring it, I guess I’ll see you some other day. Please come prepared next time".

I shook my head, energetically. "No, I need to go flying today, isn’t there something you can do".

"Well, there is one thing" he replied.

1 minute later.


We went flying that day, and he was right that I didn’t experience any problems with my genitalia.

I went flying with him a few times after this and sometimes I even forgot to bring a dildo.

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