Free swimming pool

I was happy about the deal I had. I could go swimming for free each friday after closing hours, but I would have to get up within an hour, before the manager locked up completely.


This really made my week, each friday. It felt great to swim and it felt even greater to have the entire swimming pool to myself.

The same rules applied to me, though, that applied to everyone. I couldn’t do anything not allowed by the regulations.

“You have to get up now, miss” the life guard said, although it hadn’t been an hour yet.


“What do you think you are doing, Miss?” he asked. He looked quite serious.

“What did I do?” I just asked. I didn’t know.

“Your bathing suit is not up to regulations” he said and grabbed it. I looked down and sure enough, one of my nipples were exposed.


“No harm done” I said and tried to put the bikini back on.

“Harm done” he said. “I have to make sure the rules are followed here in the pool. Even when you’re the only one here.”

“All those rules …” I said and shook my head “Why do we need them”.

“Our rules are actually quite flexible. Did you know that you are allowed to have intercourse in the pool area, as long as you don’t disturb anyone else?” he explained.

I was dumbfound. “Intercourse?” I said. “Really?”

“Yes.” he nodded authorititavely. “Absolutely. In fact, that’s the only event in which partial nudity is allowed.”

He continued talking and started touching my bikini bottom. “With your partial nudity, were you in fact attempting an intercourse, or would I have to ban you permanently for breaking the rules.”

I was trying to comprehend the question, when he started pulling my panties off. Being banned from the pool, I thought to myself, that would be terrible. I love it here.

Before I knew it, I wasn’t breaking the rules anymore. The life guard had stuffed his cock in my pussy, and started pounding away.


I was in shock by the fact that I was being fucked in the middle of a public swimming pool, even if we were alone. After a few minutes, he made a sound and came in my pussy.

“I guess I was wrong about you” he then said, your swimsuit is in accordance with regulation”.

I didn’t know what happened, but at least I understood that I had not been banned from the pool.

The life guard let me go and left. Just before I could even react, the manager entered the pool area, looked at me and said “Hey, why are you partially nude?”

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