I stole something else

I wasn’t even out to do a burglary, but I saw an open window and got tempted.


I was just looking for a dvd player or something, when I saw that someone was in fact home! At first I was shocked and was about to flee, but then I saw that she was sleeping heavy.

Wow, she was REALLY a heavy sleeper. I lifted her arm gently, to test whether I would take her if I made a noise, but she didn’t react at all. She was just sleeping peacefully.

That’s when I got an idea. Why not see what’s hidden under those sweats?


I couldn’t believe it. She wasn’t waking up. Now it had become a game for me. I couldn’t believe what I was doing. Usually when I’m robbing people, I am careful not to be seen. Tonight I was playing with fire!

But it was just too tempting.

I decided to go for it! All the way! Now, how would I do this best?

In order for her to not wake up, I better lubricate her a bit first.


Now she was reacting with sounds of pleasure, but was definately still asleep.

I quitly unzipped, without waking her. My dick was already stiff, ready to put it in. So I did just that.


I saw her biting her lip when I pushed it in. I was so turned on, and so was she, even if she didn’t know it.

I knew I couldn’t keep this up for too long – I would have to get out in time, so thrusted back and forth as quickly as possible, and came quickly. I kept quiet so she didn’t wake up.

I saw a dvd player, took it, and left through the window. She wouldn’t know what had happened – I had left a clue, though …


Pictures provided by Sleep Assault

2 thoughts on “I stole something else”

  1. For some reason I always wish such stories told us more of her reaction when she wakes up to find this evidence, and works out that someone has been taking advantage of her sleeping pussy. The idea that one of these unfortunate bimbos will wake up in the middle and find herself impaled by someone's cock is also hot…

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