Up and coming model

imageHer name was Paige and she was really eager to be a model. As she had never modelled before, I suggested to her that we tried different types of modelling, so she could find the type that she was best at. She thought that sounded like a good idea, so we started out with some nice pictures on a white background.


As time went by, I commented that the top wasn’t really suiting her, and suggested that we took some topless pictures. She wasn’t too quick to decide that she thought it sounded like a good idea, so she exposed her small breasts to the camera.

Of course she was shy, it was her first appearance before the camera, but taking that into consideration, she was quite fast to adjust.


“Is it ok? Am I doing alright?”

She kept asking those questions. She was doing fine, but it wasn’t really high fashion modelling.

“Do you know if you are suitable for nude modelling? What type is your pussy?” I asked the question and saw her expression. Obviously she didn’t even know that pussy types existed and that some are more suited for nude modelling than others.

“What type it is? I’m not sure. Don’t you think it’s suitable?”

I wasn’t sure … I hadn’t seen it. After taking a few more pictures I told her to take a break. “Are you hungry?” I asked her, and handed her a banana.


…she didn’t exactly peel it right away. “Y’know, you never answered my question. Do you think my pussy would be suitable for nude modelling?”

“Well, I could examine it. Please undress”. She did it right away, as if she had been waiting for me to ask. After she was undressed, I took a closer look, to determine her pussy type.


“Hmm, I’m still not sure.”

It looked alright, but I wanted to be sure, so I wanted to examine it a bit more.

“Listen, before we can talk about a contract, I want to be sure what you are suitable for first. Your pussy seems to be either suitable for fucking or for nude modelling, but I can’t be sure without trying it out.”

I unzipped and as she didn’t get a chance to protest, I slipped my dick in. It went in, in one thrust – evidently, she had become quite wet during my examination.


She kind of made some weird noises at first, but then, as my dick became more stiff, her noises became more natural.


“How is it?”. Of course, she didn’t want to ask how it was for me fucking her, she wanted to know what type I had identified her pussy to be.

“Fine so far – please – be – patient …”. I came over her.


“Wow, I guess you’ve decided that my pussy is suitable for fucking, huh?”

She was dead on. “Yes, I have. It’s not suitable for nude modelling.”

She sat there with my cum all over her. “So, you can give me a contract on a video?”.

Of course, I could’nt offer her that. “Sorry Paige, I only do softcore nude modelling. You’ll have to find someone else. Thanks for your visit, though”

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