Infiltrating a sect – Chapter 1

As an employee of the secret service, you have to have great responsibility. I have been an employee here for 2 months now and have seen many documents stamped CONFIDENTIAL. I know not to show them to anyone or tell anyone what is says on them. And I know my employer trusts me.

I haven’t really been on any “mission” per say yet, that usually only comes after a few years, when they know you can think on your feet. But today I got some very good news! I am going on a mission – it’s some kind of undercover mission. I’m nervous about it, but I’m also looking forward to it.

How they picked me for the mission was kind of weird.

“Yes, that seems like a good idea” Agent Simmons said to Agent Hodgkin while nodding in my direction. “Liza” he said. Liza is me. “Liza, it may be time for you to go on your first mission”.

“Really!?” I stood up. I was all ears.


“So what kind of mission?” I asked.

“Liza” Agent Simmons said an paused “the mission, like all our missions, are secret – it’s on a need to know basis. You will only know exactly as much as you need to know.”

Agent Simmons looked at me. “Now, Liza, this might be uncomfortable for you, but we need to make sure you are right for this kind of mission. Could you please unbutton your blouse a bit?”

He asked politely but I fully understood that there would have to be a good reason for him to ask and I also understood they couldn’t tell me about the mission until I got selected for it.


“Yes” he said and nodded. “Yes – uhm, I would have to ask you to lower your bra a bit, so that I can better see”.

I was getting curious about the nature of this mission. I knew very well, that working for the secret service is very much like working in the mafia, except you’re on the right side of the law. But we have the same hierarchy and we have to obey our commanding officers blindly. They cannot tell us the reasons they have and we, as ‘foot soldiers’ have to respect that.

I lowered my top to reveal my breasts.


“Liza, I believe you might just be right for this mission” he then said. “We’re not quite done yet, though” he said. He scribbled something on his pad.

“I would need you to drop your skirt and your panties for me too” he said.

I was no longer hesitating while wondering what this was for, I just did as he said. I was amazed at myself, actually. It’s weird how doing your job, it’s not weird to get in situations like this, that would otherwise be quite awkward. I mean, if he walked in on me, while I was standing like this, I would be very embarrassed, but this was work related, so it felt completely alright.

I dropped my skirt and panties and was now standing almost fully naked, still wearing my office shirt, but with my tits hanging out and my private parts completely on display.


“Yes” Agent Simmons finally said “We can use you for this mission!” I pulled my panties up, but listened to what he had to say. “Sorry for this, but I had to make sure you would be suitable for the mission”.

I nodded. I understood, even though I hadn’t heard anything about the mission yet.

“Get ready to go undercover for at least 6 months, starting in 14 days” Agent Simmons said and put a file on my table. "Everything you need to know is in this file.”

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