Infiltrating a sect – Chapter 2

Yes, as you may have guessed from the title of my story, my mission was to infiltrate a sect. After reviewing the file that Agent Simmons had given me, I could see some details about why they picked me and why they wanted me to infiltrate the sect.

The target of the sect seemed to have been large breasted women. I certainly fit the profile. I had been sent to a local resort and I was casually playing pool.


I did really not know much about what to do. It said very little in the file. The first part of my mission was to get someone to invite me to join the sect. I couldn’t ask to join, that would be too suspicious.

For my cover, I had been given a new secret identity. The name of my secret identity happens to also be Liza, just as my real name is – I’m quite happy with that, so I won’t have to remember two names.

I played some pool. I didn’t see many other people here, just a few people passing by, someone sitting at a table for half an hour once in a while and so on.

It said in the file, that I had to dress sexy to attract the invite, so I was wearing the shortest dress I own – and get this, no panties. I figured, if I had to attract someone, what would be better than playing pool in a short dress without panties.

After about one and a half hours of playing pool, a man entered that seemed different. He had a certain aura around him. I don’t know how, but I immediately thought it was likely that he would have something to do with this sect.

I decided to try to attract him and did it by pretending to lean over the table, subtlely letting my dress ride up, to allow him to wonder about whether I was wearing panties or not.


I knew the shadow would make it hard for him to see anything and knew that would entice his – or any man’s curiosity.

The next thing that happened, I had not anticipated. He left.

No one was in the room now. I had seen out of the corner of my eye that he had seen me, but still, he just left. Well, of course it could be that he was not the guy from the sect, but I just had a feeling that he might just be the right guy.

I had a gin and tonic, then another. Just waiting around to see if anyone would approach me. Then, I saw the strange man come by again. I stood up, grabbed the pool queue and then, after gathering a little courage, I spoke to him. “Hi, could you help me, I’m a little confused about the rules”.


While asking him, I did the same with my leg as I had done before – I lifted it a little, just enough so he would wonder whether I was wearing panties. Of course, this trick only works if I’m not wearing panties. You know, if I AM wearing panties, that’s very obvious, so in order to keep him guessing, I actually need to not wear panties. Think about that, next time you see a girl and wonder whether she is wearing panties.

The man looked at me and came closer. As he did, I put my leg down a little, so it wouldn’t seem too awkward. “Sure hun, what can I do for you?” he asked.

“I keep hitting the table instead of the ball, maybe you could show me how to shoot the ball?”


He agreed, but on a condition. “Sure, I can help you with that – but maybe you can help me with afterwards, I need some people to fill in a survey, if you could fill one in for me, that would be great”

“Sure” I said, tried to not seem too enthusiastic. But I was. I was hoping this survey was their way to recruit people into the sect. Some sects work like that. They don’t come right at you and say Hi, I’m from a sect, would you like to join.

I still didn’t know if he was the guy from the sect, but I had a strong hunch and anyway, I would soon find out.

To be continued next week …

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