Infiltrating a sect – Chapter 3

After the guy who was assumingly running a sect had shown me a little about how to play pool, he had invited me into his office to fill in a survey, just as I had promised I would.

Yes, it was his office, he was the owner of the resort. Could this be the sect head quarters? Well, speculation will get me nowhere. Now, to fill in the form.


YES! That’s it. This was definitely a form that a sect would use as an opener to weak souls being lured into joining. It had questions like “Do you some times feel that you’re not happy?” A question that most people would have to answer Yes even if they are happy and content most of the time.

I filled in each question, just as I assumed would give him the best feeling about me being a good victim for the sect.

Many of the questions was also designed to make me feel like I was a boring person. Like “How long ago is it that you have done something truly spontaneous.” Most people wouldn’t be able to come up with anything and then think to themselves Why not. These people would then be more receptive to crazy new ideas right after thinking that.

The guy came in and gave me a long talk. I almost forgot the real reason why I was there, he was that good. He talked to me about the meaning of life and death and how we should all perceive life. Oh boy, he was really good.

“We actually have a little community of people here, that come together and talk about the meaning of life. It’s like a book club, except with no books. It’s life we discuss instead of a book. Would you be interested in joining?” he asked.

Perfect. This was it. I was getting invited into the “club” – or what was really a sect, of course. I would now have to be careful not to seem too enthusiastic. That would be weird. So instead of a clear “Yes” I just gave a “That sounds interesting enough …”

“But before you can join” he said “You must do something truly spontaneous – it shows you have lust for life, can you do that”

“I am very spontaneous!” I said, trying to convince him. I was playing the role of an insecure person, by insisting too hard that I was spontaneous. “Then do something crazy” he said “like … flash me your boobs!”. I did that immediately.


Of course, this suggestion was not at all coincidental. We already knew that this sect was targeting large breasted women so this came as no surprise to me.

“Good job” he said “Good for you, you have some life in you yet – come by next Friday at 9 PM for your first meeting” …

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