Just a misunderstanding

I was waiting for a date in a neighborhood I didn’t know that well. I had never been here before, and being here now, I regretted that I had agreed to meet my date here.


I had chosen to wear my short lucky dress – but in order to make it a little more decent while in public, I was wearing a fur over it. I considered it my lucky dress, because I always seemed to attract any man that I wanted with it.

I had been a little late, but not too much – but got impatient, when I had waited for 20 minutes … that’s when the cop showed up.


“There is no hooking allowed here” he said to. He was uncomfortably close to me. “Didn’t you hear me?” he asked “Hooking is not allowed here!”.

I responded “OK – you saying I’m a hooker? Well I’m not, so it doesn’t apply to me”.

“That’s what they all say – we’ll see” he said. He handled me and handcuffed me. “Am I supposed to believe a girl standing like this, on the street … “ when he said this he pulled my dress down to display my tits “… and that even puts her panties on display in public …” when he said panties he lifted my dress to show my panties “… is not a hooker?”


“I find that a little hard to believe” he said, and started leading me away from the street. He sat me down in a vacant alley, still with my breasts on display and my hands cuffed.

“So you’re not a hooker, huh?” he said. “I’ll be the judge of that”

“Stop it, I’m not a hooker” I said again. “And by the way, shouldn’t a judge be a judge of that? If you really think I’m a hooker, you should bring me in to the station, not judge me yourself” I knew I was right. I was a law minor student – business law, but I knew enough to know I was right.

“Ahh, so you know all the hooking laws – not smart of you to reveal that” he said. “Let me see that cock sucker mouth” he said and inserted his nightstick.


“Certainly it’s a mouth that’s able to suck some cock, I believe, just like a hookers mouth would be.”

I was unable to reply at this point, with the nightstick in my mouth. When he took it out, I was not slow to speak again.

“I’m telling you, I’m not a hooker!”

“So you say, so you say” – he ripped my panties off in one motion and stuffed them in my mouth. He then turned me around and bend me over the box I was sitting on. With my handcuffs on, I could not resist – I probably couldn’t, even if I weren’t handcuffed.

He started poking at my pussy with the nightstick.


Again, I was unable to respond with anything else than very obvious sounds of discomfort.

The panties he had put in my mouth finally fell out, and I was able to speak. “Keep that nightstick to yourself, I won’t take this!” I said, loud and clear.

“Hmm your pussy seems quite tight, unlike what I would expect from a hooker – did you have vaginal surgery to help your professional hooking career?” he asked.

“Shut the fuck up, idiot” I responded and I stand behind every word. However, perhaps I shouldn’t have responded like that.

“Ahh, you are unwilling to be questioned by the police and resisting arrest – I will have to find the answers I’m looking for somehow else”. I couldn’t see what was going on behind me, but then I felt something that did not feel like his nightstick.


It was his cock, pushing against my pussy. “Maybe this will tell me the truth” he said.

“Stop it!” I tried to resist by pressing my thighs together, but it had the opposite effect, because just when I did it, his cocks slipped in and he started moving it in and out.

“Ahh, you are squeezing my cock – very cool trick. Do you know other tricks?” He was obviously referring to the term of ‘tricks’ in the world of hooking.

I decided to relax my muscles instead.


“Ahh, you ARE very much used to fucking, I feel” he said as I had relaxed my muscles. Seems anything I’d do would be interpreted to conclude I was a whore.

He started fucking me and 10 seconds later, his thrusting slowed down. He had cum in me.

He unlocked the handcuffs, took them with her and left, saying “And let that be a warning to yer!”

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