Just observe!

It was my first day on the job. I had been hired by a large hotel to be a controller. That’s a person that goes around making sure people are doing their jobs and such. Being a house wife for 15 years, this is my first time in the job world. I got divorced three months ago and have been looking for a job ever since. My ex-husband had sort of protected me from the world, so now I didn’t have much experience with … anything, really.


I went down to two guys working on something. I looked in my chart and saw that they were supposed to be there and they also were, so I put a little check mark on my chart.

I was wearing a blouse with a nice cleavage and that caught the attention of the two guys. They put their tools down and came over to say hello to me. As they went all the way up to me, I didn’t move back or anything. I just observed what they were doing.


Maybe because I wasn’t moving back, they took it as a green light to fondle me. I knew what to do. Observe. I had been told very clearly to ONLY observe and to NOT interfere with anything. To be a true observer, I would have to ONLY observe, otherwise the observations would be unclean. At least, that’s what my manager explained to me.

So here these two guys were, they fondled me and I let them. They started taking my blouse off and fondled my breasts.


I wrote a note on my chart, saying that the two men had fondled my breasts. A good and true observation, that my manager might very well find relevant.

The two guys did not take note of the fact that I was writing this down, they just saw an opportunity and sieged it.


They undressed me and myself. I put a note about that on my chart as well. When I was naked, one guy sat on the couch and put me on his lab, directing his cock at my pussy.

He put it in – it was very large, but I didn’t interfere. Even though it was very difficult, I had to do my duty and just observe.


After fucking me for a while by moving me up and down (I didn’t help or resist or anything, just let him move me up and down on his cock) he turned me around, put something on my asshole and started moving his cock into my asshole!


I put a mental note to remember to put this in the chart too. What they did next blew my mind. I had no idea that people even did that and I was sure this was worth an observation in my chart.

The other guy put his cock in my pussy, while the first guy still fucked me in the ass.


This was apparently a good position for them, because they kept fucking me like this for 10 minutes. I was worried now that I would get behind in my schedule – and I also had a lot of writing to do, documenting these observations.

The last observation that I made a mental note to put in, was the fact they both came in me, so I had cum dripping from both my pussy and ass hole. I noticed that their cum was white and put that in my chart too.


I documented everything immediately and then the guys went back to work. I put my clothes back on myself, deciding that it would probably not count as interference. I had quite a report to give back to my manager now. I finished the shift and 2 hours later handed in the report.

The next morning my manager called me in and asked me about my observations. He asked if it really happened like that. I nodded, saying I couldn’t get all the details to fit, but the most relevant parts are in there.

After that day, my manager made me do similar observations with himself and I was also sent to others where I observed as staff at the hotel was fucking me.

I got very good at documenting that sort of event – and my manager told me, that because I was so good at getting this sort of observation, I got a raise! So my advice to everyone – just do exactly what the boss tells you, and you will do great! Like me!

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