Bound to happen

You don’t come across a sight like this every day.


I had walked through an alley and found this girl bound like this.

“Shit!” was my reaction. “What happened?”

I went to her and started trying to untie her.

“Stop, don’t do that” she said. “I wanted to try this thing, getting tied up and getting fucked by a stranger – can you do that for me, then you can untie me afterwards”.


I was not going to let a chance like that pass me by.


I went up to her and stuck me cock inside.


It was tight. Very tight. She had not been fucked very often in her life – and as you can see on her face, she isn’t really used to it yet.

“Wow, this is great” I said as I fucked her. “Don’t talk, just fuck”.

I did as commanded. I fucked her for a few minutes and then came in her. “Good” she said. “Now you can untie me”.

It was a great fuck and a great opportunity. I thought to myself that it was pity I couldn’t have shared this tight pussy with my friends. That’s when it hit me – I can!


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