A twisted first date

I signed up for a dating site a few weeks ago and chatted to a few girls. One girl was being very forward and invited me on a date after just a few messages back end forth. She looked alright and I was interested in getting to know her.

When I went to her place to pick her up, she asked me inside. She was wearing a see-through shirt and prety much slutty clothes.


“Would you mind video taping me for a bit?” she asked me. She handed me a video camera. I knew how to work a video camera and started recording. It was a weird request, but it was also kind of interesting, so I went along with it.

“You want to get a copy of this video?” she asked. I nodded a ‘why not’.

Apparently she was some kind of exhibitionist, because the next thing I knew, she arching her back (that is, ass) and pulling her own panties down, all the while the camera was running.


She turned around and sat there without panties, posing for the camera. “You like this?” she asked me. I consulted my little general and he liked it very much – and so did I. This was a freaky first date, it would probably also be the last date with her, but it was fun while it lasted.

“You want some of this?” she asked me and spread her legs white, exposing her pussy to me and the camera.


“Then come get it!”

I put the camera down and whipped my cock out, but she stopped me. “No, I want the camera on! Put it over there, point it here – then bring your nice cock over here!”

I didn’t mind the camera. In fact, it might be fun to have this video of me having sex with this lady.

I went to her and went straight for her pussy, started fucking it – and her.


The camera, the excitement, the horny girl. It all contributed to a very fast climax coming on. I could feel it coming and she noticed it. She sensed that I was going to pull out, but she held me with her legs. “No, cum in me!”

I didn’t have the willpower at this point to protest. “You won’t get pregnant?” I asked, not caring what type of contraceptive she was using at this point. “No” she answered “Cum in me, I know you want to!”

I couldn’t stop my own human nature and just fucked her and finally came in her. She smiled.


“You know how I knew I wouldn’t get pregnant. Because I already am! And you’re the father!” she smiled, referring to the camera. “The proof is right there”.

I was confused about what game she was playing at. “So you want me to pay child support, is that it?” I asked, trying to understand what she was thinking.

“Yeah, hah, hope it was worth it” she laughed.

So that was her game. She had gotten pregnant and couldn’t find the father, now she wanted to hook someone else on that.

“But I can just have a DNA test that will tell whether I’m the father” I told her.

“Oh yeah?”



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