Let me tell you the story of how my life became what it is today. I started, like so many other things in life, with a kidnapping. A kidnapping of me. I had just been to the toilet and when I came out, someone grabbed me and then it went dark.


They had apparently drugged me and taken me to a basement somewhere.

When I woke up, I was disoriented at my limbs were hurting. I had been bound to a table with my legs spread wide.

“Ahh, you’re awake – good” someone said. “Sorry about the kidnapping, but it was necessary. The things we had in mind for you, we just didn’t think you would be up for them up if we asked – so kidnapping you was the best choice for us. I hope you understand”.


I couldn’t respond, but I found it very strange that the kidnapper explained to me that his only option was to kidnap me. I could think of another option: NOT kidnap me.

The guy then started slapping my body, leaving red marks. It stung, but it wasn’t THAT hard. As he did it, he explained. “I could hit you much harder than this, but I just want you to know that I CAN hit you if I want to” he said as he continued slapping me.


“Now, we’re going to take the gag ball out, but only if you don’t start talking. Can we agree on that?” he asked. I nodded the best I could, anxious to get the gag out.

He took it out, but it wasn’t the relief I had hoped for, because it immediately got filled with another gag device. A penis.


In the mean time, the other guy stuffed his penis in and started fucking me. Yes, you saw correctly, he was fucking me up my ass. A first for me, but I could feel they had already lubed it up a lot, so maybe that’s why it didn’t hurt as much as I had thought.

He came in my ass and let the cum drip slowly out. Then I said something for the first time after my kidnapping. “Will you let me go now?” I asked.

“No” he replied.

“When will you let me go?”

“We will let you go when you stop asking about when we will let you go” he responded. I stopped asking.

The next day they came down and fucked me again.


I didn’t ask that day whether they would let me go. I remembered that if I asked, they would definitely not let me go. I figured my best chance of getting let go, would be to just keep my mouth shut.

They came down every night, mostly the same two guys, but some times a few other guys. They all fucked me every day. There was a shower that I used every morning and I got some food in the morning. Some oat meal and fruits. And there was a TV too…

Maybe 2 or 3 years have passed now. Many times I thought about asking when they would let me go, but each time I remembered what he had said back then – that I would only be let go, when I stopped asking about when they would let me go. It would be nice to know, though, for how long I would have to not ask about it before they would let me go.

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