Learning from punishment

It is obvious that you can get motivated to learn from punishment. It is disputed whether punishment is prudent to involve as part of a learning process, but it has been used for thousands of years of human history and as late as 50 years ago, was common in public schools.

Not everyone has given up on that learning technique. For example, my tennis coach is really good – he said in his ad that he trained some of the female tennis players currently ranked among the top 500 of our city in their age group. I have always wanted to learn to play tennis really well, maybe even professionally. So I hired him.image

I actually started out by complaining. I always play in shorts, but I was given a skirt for this practice. In my opinion, the skirt was not long enough so I said to him, that I wanted a longer skirt.

He didn’t really agree with me, saying that all the tennis players are wearing skirts like that. I was not so sure. The skirt looks ok standing up, but I decided to show him what would happen when I had to bend over to reach the ball.


He nodded. “Yes, your butt cheeks are visible for a second” while you are bending over, but you really gotta get over that.” He pointed to the tv area “Come with me”.

He showed me the outfits of the very top players of the world. I had to admit that they were all wearing skirts like that. Very short skirts. “You see, it’s about being able to move freely. If they were wearing too much clothes, their movement would be limited”

“I guess” I said, having to agree.

“Notice how they are not shy about putting the extra ball for the second service up under their skirt, between their butt cheeks, even with an audience watching.”

“What” I said. “I thought they had some kind of pocket or something under their skirt”.

“Well, let me ask you this, then” the coach said “Do YOU have a pocket in your skirt? Have you ever had a skirt with a pocket?”

“Well no”.

“All right then, let’s practice placing the extra ball” he said and lifted my skirt. I was given a ball and he watched as I tried to get it to fit.


“Like this?” I asked.

“Yes, exactly.” the coach reasured me “But that’s enough for now. You have plenty to learn, let’s start out by giving you the best possible environment for your training”.

“Just like the pros, you will train in the very short skirt, that they also use for games.”

“But I’m not training with the extra ball placed between my butt cheeks?” I asked, and let it drop.

“No, that would be too difficult for you now. We need you to have the best possible conditions for learning your swing, without any obstacles, such as an extra ball or your panties.”

“My panties!? How are they an obstacle”.

“Just like having a short skirt helps you to move better than with a long skirt, your panties are also a minor obstacle. That’s why all the pros practice without panties but then use panties in matches for modesty.” The coach help up my skirt and pulled my panties down. “Just like so”.


I put my skirt down over my butt and picked up my racket. “Now for some practice swings” my coach said and threw me an easy ball. Finally some actual tennis practice.

I swung at the ball and hit it quite well with some topspin. “Nicely done!” my coach said and threw another to me. I hit it again and yet again it was quite perfect, although a little slow.

“Now for a more difficult ball.” he said and threw it not directly to me. I ran to it and hit it straight up court, but outside the line. “Again” I said, and waited for another ball. “Not so fast” he said, “we need to motivate you to not make mistakes. I have different suitable punishments, such as having to run a lap around the court, having to collect the tennis balls or having to receive a stroke in your pussy.”

Did he just say that? I didn’t believe it. “Well, you can forget about the stroke, but I can run a lap for each mistake. That would be fine.

“Alright, the punishment will then be the stroke in your pussy” he said, contrary to what I had just said.

“What are you talking about? I just said I didn’t want that punishment!”

“Exactly, and thankyou for being so honest. For a punishment to be effective, it must be something you DON’T want. You want to be a great tennis player and learn quickly, right? Well, then you need a good punishment.”

As he said it, it DID make sense. I didn’t reply though. Didn’t know what to say.

“Let’s just try it once and see how it goes” he then said.

He threw me a ball and I struck it perfectly. He threw me another one and I perfected the shot again. It was working! My game had improved from that single adjustment. After 15 succesful shots, however, I hit the ball wrong and it went off court.

“Alright, it’s time for your punishment” he said, and lowered his pants.”

I was reluctant, but had to accept the punishment we agreed upon. “Ok, but just a single stroke, though”


He lifted my skirt to reveal my already bare butt and inserted his cock in my pussy. He moved it in slowly, until it was all the way in, then moved it out again, and that was it. He kept it at the single stroke.

Now the practice could continue. He threw more balls at me and I kept hitting them perfectly. After some 10 balls, he increased the difficulty – the threw me a curve ball and I missed it. “Damn it! That was not fair!” I yelled, obviously angry about losing now, not looking forward to my punishment.

“Let’s try another one” he said. He threw the same kind of ball, and I missed it again. He threw two more which I missed and then one more, which I hid just perfectly. I had learnt to receive a curve ball that quickly. He threw some more and each time, I succeeded. “Yes, now it’s good!” I said, all excited I had learnt it so quickly.

“And now for your punishment.”

I had counted them and I had 4 strokes coming to me.


He went in, easier this time and then did his strokes. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Wait, he is continuing. “What are you doing, you only had 4 strokes!”

“I know, but we are practicing some difficult balls next, so you are bound to make some mistakes. Rather than having to interrupt the game all the time, better let you save up some mistakes now. He kept fucking me, but I counted each stroke. I was going to get cheated. 45 strokes and then he stopped. He had cum in me.

I put down my skirt and returned to my position. “That’s 45 mistakes I’ve saved up now!” I said, just so he knew I knew. “That’s 41, you already owed 4” he said. “Oh yes – whatever, just throw those balls!” I yelled.

“Sorry, the hour is up, but I’ll see you next time”

Wow, what a training session. It had been very unconventional, but what do I know. Maybe it’s how to do things for professionals. I had really learnt a lot. My swing was getting better and I could even receive curve balls now. And next time, the training was going to be even better, because I had already saved up a lot of mistakes.

Over the next months, my tennis game really improved and I also saved up more and more mistakes. It should be enough now for the next couple of years.

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