Miss Congeniality 3: No Limits – Part 1/7 The Opportunity

After Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous, Sandra Bullock wanted a break from the franchise and wanted to appear in something different. She appeared in The Proposal which contained a little more nudity than the movies she had mostly starred in, but it was a fine movie.


After that, she didn’t get many good job offers. She turned down a few offers that were similar to both Miss Congeniality and The Proposal and also turned them down when they asked if she wanted to appear in the third installment of Miss Congeniality.

When she realized the good jobs didn’t come in, several years later, she got back in touch with the people behind Miss Congeniality, specifically Ray Favero, who was in charge of casting once again. “Yes it’s right, we’re making Miss Congeniality 3, but we changed it now to a role not suitable for you, since you said you didn’t want to be a part of it”. These were Ray’s words which frustrated Sandra Bullock. “Come on, give me a chance!” she yelled into the phone.

“Alright, alright” Ray responded. “But you gotta come right now, we’re casting the role of Jenny Hart right now”.

Sandra threw the phone and ran out of the door to get to the casting. She wondered why he had said Jenny Hart. Her character was called Gracie Hart, but they probably had to change it because she wasn’t in it. Now they could change it back. She was so happy she got the chance to try for it – she was looking so much forward to working again.

When she arrived, she was quickly briefed by Ray. “We had to spice up the script a bit with some more sexuality to compensate for the fact that you could not appear in it. Now, we can’t change the script now, so you gotta be ready for a little more nudity if you want this job. The audition is topless”.

Well, it was a long time ago since she had been asked to be topless at an audition – it used to happen every now and then when she started out as an actress, even when it was not relevant to the scene being acted out. This time she was not in doubt. She had recently done similar scenes in The Proposal and would not risk losing this job over something like that.

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