Miss Congeniality 3: No Limits – Part 2/7 The Audition

When Sandra Bullock entered the room of the audition, she was already topless, ready to see the manuscript for the first time. She was standing in a pair of small swim trunks and the set built for the audition was something that looked like it was part of a ship with some ocean background. This was not just an audition, but also a screen test, it seems.

Sandra was quite comfortable with the situation.


Being an experienced actress, she looked the manuscript over, memorized it and then left it at the table. The directors were astounded. Usually at auditions like this, the actress would stand and read in the manuscript while acting it out, but Sandra was showing why she was a pro.

“But why do I have to be in this contest” Sandra said, acting out the role of Gracie Hart.

“In order to catch the bandits” the modelling coach answered. The modelling coach had already been cast as Snoop Dogg, a rather unusual choice, but an original one, if nothing else. Right now, the voice was handled by Ray, the casting agent.

“But why do I have to wear these defective panties, that will snap as soon as I bend over?” the character of Gracie Hart continued.

“To divert the attention of the bandits at just the right time. Remember to wait for my signal” Ray said.

After the audition, everyone was really satisfied with Sandra Bullock’s performance. She really HAD shown that she was good and they really did want her for the movie. Question now was whether she wanted to be in a movie with a more nudity than usually.

“I guess you want some time to read through your manuscript” Ray said, handing Sandra the full manuscript for all her appearances in the movie.

After Sandra had read it, she realized just how much nudity there was in it. The scenes were also described, and it would mostly be nudity from behind or in shadows and such, so she wasn’t too worried about it. Still, it was much more than she was used to. “Could I wear panties in this scene” Sandra asked Ray. Ray, as the casting agent, didn’t really have any say over that. “Well, maybe, but you’d have to discuss that with the director. You have to decide whether you’re in today, though, and he’s not here.”

Ray handed Sandra the contract to sign. She skimmed through it and saw it contained all the standard stuff, except for a few details. If she quit the movie, they would still get permission to use all footage of her and she would receive a giant fine. She could pay it, although it would be her life savings, but still. “Why did you put in this in the contract” she asked Ray. Ray explained to her, that she had already turned down the movie once and they assessed a big risk in her quitting the movie, ruining everything for everyone working on this project, so they had to make it a really hard decision for her to quit.

Sandra Bullock understood why they’d done it and signed the otherwise standard contract.

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