Miss Congeniality 3: No Limits – Part 3/7 First day of shooting

Sandra Bullock arrived at the set, just 6 days after the audition, and was ready to begin shooting. She didn’t even bring the manuscript, because she had already memorized everything in it. Her manuscript had only included her own lines and her own actions, so she did not have great insight in the other lines, although she could kind of guess it from her own.

The shooting began.

Gracie Hart was at work and was very motivated to go out and catch some criminals, but her boss kept asking her to do PR jobs. After some arguments with her boss, ultimately ending with Gracie Hart not agreeing to do the PR, she came to her home where her boyfriend waited for her. Let’s not get into details here, but let’s just jump to the fact, that part of the scene included a shot of Graci Hart sitting on a dresser, naked, with her side to the camera.

Sandra Bullock had no problem with that. Well, it was not comfortable, but the shot was decent, from the side – hell, she’d done more in Fire on the Amazon.


Only after they day of shooting was done, had Sandra noticed that the quite modest scene had a twist. Yes, if you look real closely, you can actually see Sandra from a different angle by looking in the mirror. Look even closer and you’ll see it.

Sandra protested. “Well, we’ll have to reshoot the scene! I won’t accept that!” she said. John, the director just rolled his eyes. He didn’t even respond to Sandra’s protests. “See you tomorrow” Deena, the costume designer said. “Don’t worry, you won’t be naked for the entire movie, or what would I, a costume designer, do here”.

“I know” Sandra said “I already read the entire script”.

“Really? What are you complaining about, then?”

Sandra looked down. “But … the angle … argh, never mind”

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