Mission Possible

Ann works in a jewelry store – or I should say, she used to work in a jewelry store. She used to work long hours and do her best to make a good impression to the retail manager of the chain. She knew her boss was no good at his job and she wanted to become the manager of this shop.

The retail manager, Eric, came by every week and Ann made sure to make the best impression she could. She met with Eric and talked a bit about how business was going with the shop.


It was very common that Eric would come talk to Ann, even though she was not the manager. Ann saw this as a sure sign that she was being considered for a promotion and her inept boss in the shop would be replaced.

Among her many talents, she knew how to use her two main assets by leaning forward. She used it when talking to male customers shopping for their wives and she also used it on Eric.


“You’re doing a good job here, Ann” Eric said, encouraging her. “I know you want to become the manager of this shop and I could put in a good word for you. I think you deserve it.”

Ann was smiling, happy about what she heard.

“I just hope that if I do you this favor, you could do a little favor for me in return”

“Sure” Ann said.

“It’s a little weird, so you have to promise to keep it a secret between us.”

Ann nodded after hesitating for a second. “Sure, OK – what is it?”

“I have a fantasy” Eric said.

imageAnn didn’t move, but just gave him a weird look.

“Oh, not about you, not as such” Eric said. “It’s about Wonder Woman”

Ann was confounded. “Wonder Woman?”

“Yes. I don’t know if it’s too weird, but if you would dress up as Wonder Woman for me, then I would really, really appreciate it. I will definitely put in a good word for you either way, but it would really be great if you could do me this favor” Eric explained and repeated again that this had to be a secret between the two of them.

“Anyway, think about it” Eric said and left.

Ann thought about it for a long time. What a strange request. Eric said she would recommend her anyway, but how would she know if he actually did it. She thought to herself that this was Erics way of saying tit for tat.

Two days later, having heard nothing from Eric or anyone else about any promotion, she decided she had to get this thing started herself if she wanted to get this promotion any time soon. She called up Eric.  He was delighted to get her call.

“I have the costume, you just have to drop by.”

Ann decided it was worth it. She was of course worried about her reputation, but figured that he had as much to lose as her if she revealed his weird fetish.

Ann obviously didn’t tell her husband about this as she knew he would take it the wrong way. She said she had to work late and instead went to Erics place. He had the uniform ready and Ann put it on, even though it seemed to be a few sizes too small.


“Yes, this is good. This is very good” Eric said and stared at her.

“Can you turn around”. Ann did and looked back at Eric, then she noticed Eric was taking pictures with his phone.


“You taking pictures?” Ann asked, a little offended. “Yes, I need to be able to look at this again after you’re gone. Don’t worry, I won’t share them with anyone. They’re mine.” he said.

The way he said it, Ann got convinced that he probably wasn’t going to share them, but she didn’t like it one bit.

After she was done posing, Eric said thanks, she got dressed in her own clothes and left. It was two days later that she heard from a friend that Eric in fact had asked his boss to consider Ann for the promotion. She waited and waited and then Eric came to the shop.


They talked a bit about business but then eventually Eric lowered his voice and almost whispered “Good news. I mentioned your name to my boss and now they’re considering you for the promotion.”

“Good, when do you think they’ll decide?” Ann asked.

“This Friday, actually. I am not sure how I’m going to vote, I might vote for you, you’re doing a good job” Eric said.

Ann was a little confused, she thought she already had bought his vote. But she understood Erics point. He had made sure she would get considered and he actually did as he promised.

“I hope you vote for me” Ann said “I won’t let you down”.

“You were quite amazing as Wonder Woman” he whispered. “Will you do me another favor? I have another dress that I’d really like you to pose in for me. Then I will definitely vote for you” he said.

“Can you maybe just vote for me anyway?” Ann tried.

“Nahh, I don’t think so. In fact, the junior manager from the West branch is actually quite skilled, I think I might vote for him” Eric said.

Ann understood the message. Eric was going to vote against her if she didn’t pose for him again. “What time?” Ann just asked. She had already posed once, why not do it again, if it would give her the best chance of a promotion.

The next evening, after work, Ann made another excuse to her husband and went to Erics house. He had the dress ready for her. It was not a wonder woman dress, but it had another distinctive quality. It was small. She managed to put it on.

Only after a few moments did she notice that her nipples had jumped out of the tiny dress.


She put her tits back in hiding, but Eric had already taken pictures of it. “You can’t keep those” Ann said.

“Let’s sort it out later” Eric said. “Turn around”.

Ann posed for Eric and turned around, revealing that the dress was hardly there on the back side.


Ann finished posing and repeated her demand from before. “You can’t keep those pictures” she said, let’s delete those” she said, referring to the ones where her nipples slipped.

“Nahh, I think I’ll have on to those” Eric said. “But don’t worry, I won’t share them with anyone.”

“Can we just delete them, please” Ann said. “Not really, I want to keep them” Eric insisted again. “OK, but don’t share them with anyone, OK, don’t show them to anyone. Do we have a deal!?” Ann demanded. Eric nodded “Sure, I won’t share them with anyone.”

Ann got dressed again and left.

imageThe next Friday when she came back from her lunch break, Eric was there. “Congratulations” he said. “You’re the new store manager. My boss left it up to me and I choose you! Congratulations!”

Ann was overjoyed.

“Of course” Eric said “There is a 2-month trial period, but I’m sure you’ll do fine.”

"Trial period?” Ann asked.

“Yes, it’s very standard. I’ll evaluate you every week and if you’re doing alright every week, then you continue. If you have a bad week, you might be demoted again. Pretty standard”

“Oh” Ann said “But I’m the store manager now?”


Ann was very happy and got started with administration immediately and made some changes in the inventory, things she had wanted to do for a long time.

“Regarding the evaluation” Eric said “I have some suggestions for you that will ensure the you get through each week”

“OK? Is there a sales target?” Ann wondered.

“Yes, that, but also come by my place every Friday after work and we’ll evaluate” Eric said.

Ann knew that Eric was going to want more posings. She didn’t comment on Erics suggestion, but she thought all day and night about what to do. If she did it, she would keep the promotion, if she didn’t Eric might not keep her in the trial period.

She wasn’t sure what to do till the very end of Friday when it was the moment of truth. Either go home and wave goodbye to her new promotion that she had already celebrated with her husband and her friends. Or make an excuse and go to see Eric and pose for half an hour.

She decided to go see Eric.

Eric already had an outfit ready for her. It consisted largely of see-through underwear. Knowing the Eric already had pictures of her nipples popped out, she wasn’t too worried about the top being see-through.


He made sure to take plenty of pictures. Then after half an hour, he gave her a new outfit. “Let’s do another round today” he said.

She got the bag of clothes and wen’t into the bathroom to change. When she was done, she realized there were no panties included.

“Can you hand me my underwear please” Ann asked through the bathroom door.

“There is no underwear with this outfit” he responded.

“Come on!” Ann pleaded. Eric refused. “This is it, come on out” he insisted.

Ann looked at herself in the mirror. It was largely see-through and there were no panties included, but the skirt did cover her nether regions so decided to come out after all. It helped, of course, that she had no other option and of course that he had already taken many pictures of her in revealing outfits.


Still, this was different. It was black, naughty lingerie – and no panties.

During more than a few poses, though, he pussy was revealed in plain sight and captured by the camera.


After the photoshoot, Ann got dressed again and left for home. In the bus on the way home, she received this picture on her phone from Eric with the text “I know I’m not supposed to share these, but I figured I can share them with you”.

Ann saw the picture and was petrified. Really nothing left to the imagination. Her heart skipped a beat. “Stop it” she responded to Eric and didn’t hear from him again.

Eric had sent the picture with a certain purpose. He wanted to let Ann know what he had.

From the next Friday, there was no longer any pretense. Eric had Ann pose practically naked for him and Ann obliged, it made really not much difference to her at this point.

Case in point – this excuse for clothing.


The next week, Ann received a text from Eric. “I have a new idea. Don’t come to my place on Friday, but make sure to clear your schedule from 11AM on Saturday.”

Ann did as she was told and met up with Eric on Saturday. She told her husband that he new job as manager required her to do some extra work. She wasn’t really lying or that’s what she told herself.

She got in the car with Eric and he drove off. "Where are we going?” Ann asked. Eric didn’t respond until about 5 minutes later. “The beach” he then said. “We’ll be there in about 20 minutes”

They drove quite far from the city and arrived at the beach. “Let’s go swimming” he said. “But …” Ann said and almost said ‘I didn’t bring my swimwear’.

“Ha ha don’t worry, I brought a swimsuit for you”. Ann was relieved for a moment but then not so much after seeing it. It was white and very thin.

She pleaded with him for half a moment but it was pointless and they both knew it. She put the swimsuit on and comforted herself by the thought that she probably didn’t meet anyone she knew this far from town.


She posed for him for a few minutes and then he took pity on her, as she was getting very cold. “OK, that’s enough” he said and gave her a blanket. Ann was touched for a momeny, by his care, although she quickly remembered that he was in fact blackmailing her.


They got back in the car an drove for another 5 minutes “I owe you a swim, the ocean was too cold, but there is a hotel nearby with a heated pool – so you can take a swim in their pool”

Ann nodded.

“And I have another swimsuit for you” Eric told.

When they came to the pool in the hotel, Eric handed her the swimsuit and she went to change. Just as you’d expect by now, the swimsuit was of course very revealing. Ann took it in good stride, again comforting herself by the knowledge that she was highly unlikely to bump into anyone she knew.


Eric even had her sit on the edge of the pool to make sure everyone would see her. There weren’t many there to see her though. It wasn’t very warm and although the pool was hot, there was only one man reading his paper by the pool.

Eric made a sound and made sure the man looked up from his paper and saw Ann. Ann gave Eric a stiff look, but didn’t say anything.


“You don’t want to get tan lines on your breasts, do you?” Eric asked. The question was ridiculous. Eric and Ann both knew that the sun was nowhere strong enough now to give her any tan at all.

Ann knew that Eric wanted her to go topless. “But it’s a public pool” Ann said. “Do you mind if she sunbathes topless for a bit?” Eric then asked the man loudly. “OK” the man replied back hesitantly.

“See, it’s no problem” Eric said.

“Don’t push your luck” Ann said, but still removed her bikini top. The man with the newspaper followed her every move and meanwhile Eric recorded the moment for posperity.


They both tensely waited around by the pool for a few more minutes before Eric went “OK, that’s enough, let’s go”.

Eric gave her a lift near her home. “See you next week”.

Meanwhile, Ann counted the weeks. Only 3 more weeks of playing his dress-up doll – or rather, dress-down doll, and then her manager position would be permanent. She decided to go with the flow and stick it out for the next three weeks.

The next week she received a text “No need to go anywhere next week, I’ll come by the shop after hours, just wait for me.”

Ann closed the shop and sure enough, Eric came about 5 minutes after closing time and locked himself in and found Ann waiting for him in the shop.

“Today will be different” he said. “First of all, lift up your dress”. She did without any protest and revealed her panties.


“From now on, don’t wear underwear while you’re in the shop”.

“Excuse me?”

“That’s right!” Eric said. “No panties in the shop for the next three weeks”

Ann nodded.

“And I think it’s about time I touch those breasts”. Eric lowered Anns top and started fondling her breasts. “Oh man, those are amazing” he said.


“Easy there, I have a husband you know” Ann protested.

Eric continued fondling her breasts. He clearly got very horny and went “If you want me to pass you on the next week of the trial, drop to your knees right now”

Eric pushed Ann down and he took his penis out it. “Suck it!” he commanded her. “Seriously? What if I don’t?”

“Then you’re out of the trial period. Come on, now, while it’s warm” he said, referring to his penis.

She had come this far and put it in her mouth.


While she was sucking his cock, she was thinking of what her husband might say if he saw her now. She also thought of how she after this only had two more weeks left. She was very close to the goal now.

It wasn’t many moments before he came in her mouth. Not surprising, considering they had 6 weeks of foreplay. The cum spilled out of her mouth. She was going to remove it but Eric stopped her. “First a picture he said. Smile! Smile, I said!”

Ann forced a smile and Eric captured an epic picture.


“Two more weeks left” Eric said and smiled. “See you next week”.

Ann didn’t hear anything all week. When Friday came and she was about to leave work, she saw Eric parked outside. “Get in” he said “We’re late”.

She got in and Eric started driving.

“Where are we going?” Ann asked.

“On a mission” Eric responded. “You have to help me with something. Next week my son is going to get his grades from his teacher and it hasn’t been going really great. Now, he needs at least one A in order to go to community college, so you gotta make sure he gets an A.” Eric explained.

“Really? You want me to teach your son math, or what?” Ann asked, confounded.

“Oh no” Eric said “We’re going to his teacher. You’re going to convince his teacher to give my son an A.”

“But how?” Ann asked. Eric gave the answer. “You gotta get him to promise you that he’ll give my son an A. If my son doesn’t get an A, I will fail you and you will get demoted again” Eric said.

“You’re not being fair” Ann said. “Perhaps, but I am being clear, I hope”. Ann nodded.

They parked at the school and she entered the class room and found the teacher, as expected, working at this desk.


“Hello there, are you the teacher of Will Smith?” Ann asked.

The teacher nodded. “Yes – are you his mother?” he asked. Ann thought quickly and said “Yes” – that would give her a legitimate reason to talk about Erics son and she figured they’d never met or he wouldn’t have asked.

“Well, yes, your son isn’t doing too well, I guess that’s what you’re here about” the teacher said.


They discussed it for a while and the teacher explained that he simply wasn’t doing well enough and that he couldn’t give him an A.

He went on to explain some of the concepts that little Will hadn’t grasped yet. Meanwhile, Ann realized she wasn’t making headway and decided it was time for her two main assets to do their magic and she enhanced her cleavage a bit.


He didn’t really notice her yet, but she knew she probably didn’t have much time and wouldn’t get another chance, so she had to move quickly.

She unbuttoned her shirt completely and that finally caught his attention.


“Maybe there is something else I can do to show you that I am committed to making sure my son gets an A”. After saying that cheesy line she thought it sounded very much like some line from some mediocre online erotic novel.

But it did the trick.

“Perhaps” he said, obviously she had his attention now. He wasted no time and started fondling her breasts and even reached for her pussy.


After a few moments of ruffling about, her panties had been removed and he had also gotten ready. It was obvious he accepted the implicit deal. Sex for grades.

He lifted her leg up and pushed his penis into her pussy. A pussy that so far, had only contained one penis, that of her husband.


The teachers penis was a bit larger than her husbands and she found herself enjoying it. He pushed her over on the desk and went deep into her.

With each stroke, his penis explored unchartered territory, she had never been filled like that before and she was beginning to moan. It was also hurting a bit, but the pain quickly turned to pleasure.


He made the same familiar sound that her husband usually made and came in her. She thought to herself it was lucky she had started being on the pill recently, so she didn’t risk what could only be described as an unplanned pregnancy.

“You got an A and so will your son” the teacher said as he zipped his pants. “But your son better start studying for real, because I can’t give out A’s like this again”.

“No problem” Ann said and knew that she had at least accomplished her job.

She went out to Eric and they drove back. She gave him the good news that the A was safe and sure enough, next week when grades were given out, little Will got an undeserved A and went on to community college.

Ann received a text. “This is the last week before your management position is permanent. I’ll come by the shop when you close”.

When Eric came, he went straight up to Ann and started undressing her.


He took her to the back room and put her carefully on the floor, then he started fucking her.


She noticed the camera recording everything, but decided it was pointless to protest and also figured it would be as incriminating for him as it was to her.


In a way she saw this coming and was sort of relieved that he ‘just’ wanted to use his last week on fucking her. He could have taken her somewhere else and stripped her in front of strangers as before or even had her fuck them.

He came in her and kept his penis inside her afterwards for a while, treasuring the moment.


“See you next Friday” he then said. “Sure” Ann said, “but this was the last week, right, my position is permanent now?”

“Yes of course, your trial is over. Well done! You deserved it!” Eric said. “But I figure we might as well continue our little arrangement, it works out well, I think”.

“And why would I do that?” Ann asked.

“For the same reason that I won’t show these pictures and videos of you to your husband.”

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