The exchange student – part 3

When I logged on a few nights later, Maryam had left a message for me on the chat.

Maryam> Coming over this afternoon.
Jake> Sure, just have an errand, then I’ll be right over.
Jake> What time?
Jake> Are you there … ?

Maryam didn’t respond but I chanced it and went there in the afternoon. I found her in the pool in her white shirt, living it up.


“Hi there” she said.

I did my best at not staring at her see-through shirt. “Hi Maryam, how are you doing, did your cousing leave already?”

“Yes, she left”

“Good” I said and accidentally glanced at her breasts through her shirt. She took notice and looked down. “Ohh” she said.

“Yes” I laughed “It doesn’t cover much, that shirt”.

“I guess you’re right” she said, then took it off.


“Listen Jake” she said while walking up to the sun bed. “My mom told me something before coming here and I always listen to my mom.”

“OK” I nodded and was anxious to hear what she wanted to say next.

“My mom said to respect the culture of the land and the people I’m visiting”.


“And she also said that I can’t have a boyfriend while I’m here.”

I got silent and so did she for a while.


“So I wanted to ask you” she said and pondered about how to phrase the question. She squinted her eyes and asked her question “Is it true that people in your culture have sex, even if they’re not married and not even boyfriend and girlfriend?”

I nodded. “That’s true” I said “It would be a way to respect our culture”. She nodded. “I thought so”. She slipped her bikini panties off and made herself available. “You want to?” she asked.

I nodded and went over there before she changed her mind. I lifted up her leg and moved in between her legs. I then started pushing my penis against her pussy. It was very wet, visibly even, and not from the pool water. She was so horny her pussy was soaking wet. I managed to slip it half way in when she bit her lip.


But then moments later she nodded, indicating to me to push it further in.


She moaned. “Oh yes, this feels right” she said. “It feels very right” I concurred while I carefully started moving my cock a little out, then a little back and, till I was fucking her proper.

With her moaning and the incredible experience, it didn’t take long before I couldn’t hold it in any longer. I relished the moment and just kept fucking while cumming. “Yes, yes, yes” we chanted together and only after a minute of fucking and cumming did I start slowing down.

“That was … good” I said. The understatement of a lifetime.

She bit her lip and smiled up at me, then nodded. “Very good” she said. “What should I do with this?” she asked, referring to the cum leaving her cunt.


“Oh that – wash it and … let me write down the name of a pill you should get in the pharmacy. You should probably buy a whole box … but just have one for now.”

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