My Big Break

After moving to the big city and working as a waitress, trying to become an actress, for almost 2 years, my savings were running out and I had already loaned money from my parents and some friends to keep it going a little longer.

That’s when my patience paid off! Finally, a casting call –and it was perfect for me. The role was about a girl who had come to the big city, looking for her big break as an actress. It was perfect.


At the day of the casting, I came into a room with a group of evaluators – and I read my lines off a notebook I had been given.

“I will do anything for this role” I said, reading off the script. The part of the movie that the script was from, was the part where the girl had come to a casting call and had finally been given her big break.

“There is going to be some nudity in this movie” one of the main guys said “so you should undress now”.

I was confused, I could not see that line in the script. “Do I have the right script?” I asked him “I don’t see that anywhere”.

“No” he laughed “That’s me, telling you that. So you would need to get undressed now as part of the role”.

“In front of all of you?” I asked, afraid of the answer.

“Well, if you are in the movie, it will be in front of all the people who watch the movie” he said “It could be potentially hundreds of people”.

“Right” I said and started getting undressed.


I was apparently moving a little slow, so one of the guys started helping me out of my jeans and shoes and I was left wearing nothing.

Then I saw all the guys having their cocks out, stroking them.

“Is this part of it or what?” I asked

“Depends what you mean – part of what?”

“Like, is this part of the scene in the movie, you with your … “ I didn’t finish the sentence.

“No” he giggled “That’s just how we like to take casting calls”

“OK, let’s vote” one of the guys said, and all the guys then unanimously said “No”.

And he continued to explain “We do casting evaluations democratically and simply vote on it and as you can hear, the vote is unfortunately no – better luck next time.” he explained and continued “Unless you want to convince some of us to change our vote?”

He and a few others moved closer, holding out their cocks. This was it – my big break – and all I had to do was use my god given talent of sucking cocks. I made a quick decision and got on my knees and started working them.


“So what do you vote now?” I asked one of the guys, when I didn’t have his cock in my mouth for a moment there.

“I think I am starting to change my mind – you surely have potential!” he said.

Ugh, not so easy as I thought, I thought to myself.


There were too many of them and they were taking turns, but none of them were cumming. It seemed like they were really taking their time.

“Oh yeah” on of the guys said as I sucked his cock. “Is that a yes?” I asked, hopeful “It’s a maybe” then responded.

“Maybe what?” I asked.

“Maybe you should lean over that desk over there” he said.

I did as he suggested and it paid off big time. The energy in the room changed.


“Oh yeah, that’s what I’m talking about” he said and fucked me from behind “Yes, yes, yes”

“That just counts as one yes” he then said. “I’ll take it” I said and he nodded “It seems you will!”

A guy replaced him and the rest lined up behind and took turns fucking me.


Three or four of them came in me or maybe more, I couldn’t say for sure.

The rest had something else in mind – they got me on the floor and jacked off and came right on my face.


I sat there on the floor for a while and one of the guys threw me a towel.

“Good news” he said “We like you!”

“You mean – I got enough yes votes? I got the job?”

“Oh, well you didn’t get quite enough yes votes. But we do like you! You’re a good sport”

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