My Crazy Bachelorette Party

I knew my bachelorette party was going to be crazy. I have this one friend Lucinda who is just wild and crazy and full of ideas. She is always the first in the pool. And when it was time for my bachelorette party I knew she would come up with something wild, but never imagine anything like this.

First she told me where to and at what time. It was actually daytime, but inside the warehouse it was quite dark.


It was a remote warehouse and there was no one else around. I made sure to be on time, in fact, I was a little early and I found myself just waiting around in that warehouse.

I was just wondering when they would come or when my bachelorette party would reallly start when suddenly I don’t remember what happened next.


I woke up and found myself in the back of a car driving somewhere else. That’s when I knew it had started. I did suspect that she would do an abduction theme and she even told me beforehand I should expect something like this, but I didn’t actually think she would go through with it.

Well, I suspected she might and here I was not too surprised, gagged and bound in the back of a car.

Some guys carried me out of the car and put me in another warehouse on a big mattress.

He took my gag off and told me there was no need for me to scream because we were too far away for anyone else to hear it.


I was surprised that Lucinda and the other girls were not here, but not too surprised. I knew she wanted to give me a realistic scare experience to make my bachelorette party special. This way she would plant this nagging doubt about whether it was real and I would have almost believed it if it wasn’t because it was … Lucinda. So typical Lucinda!

He pulled my dress down and fondled my boobs!


At first I was shocked but then I thought about my husband what he might be doing on his bachelors party. For sure I didn’t want to know and it was only fair that this was my last night to do something crazy and that he wouldn’t know about it either.

Of course, by this being Lucindas plan I was also absolved of any guilt because I had been “kidnapped” and I “didn’t have a choice”. Clever.

However, even for Lucinda, the next event of this abduction scheme was extreme. Well you have guessed it already, I am sure … these guys took my entire dress off and left me naked. Then they took their own clothes off too and got up on the bed with me.

Then one of the guys started pushing his cock into my pussy. He was lubed up so it went straight in, despite being super big. I tried to play along and be nice to the other guys a bit. They looked at each other confused for a moment when I did. I guess I didn’t play my part well enough.


While I was getting fucked harder and harder by this cock, a couple of sizes larger than my husband-to-be, I couldn’t help but think about STDs and stuff like that. But then I calmed myself and remembered that this was all arranged by Lucinda and she surely had them checked beforehand.

His big cock filled me up and it felt really great getting fucked so hard. I could sense that he was about to cum but instead of cumming, he pulled out and another guy took his place.


He kept the momentum up and the new cock in there just heightened the feeling for me. I couldn’t help it and I started feeling a rush through my whole body and I came while screaming of pleasure.

“Ha, what a slut” one of the guys muttered.

When he was almost running out of stamina, yet another guy took his place and continued where the previous guy left off.


With one difference. He came in me almost immediately! Meanwhile, I could feel cum spraying in my mouth.

With my pussy full of cum, the other guy started pushing his cock into my ass hole. There is a first for me! Maybe it was the plenty juices and his gel that’s why it went relatively easy in. At first it hurt a bit, but my adrenalin was pumping and I didn’t feel it much. Once it got inside it was a whole new experience. It filled up my ass and was so tight in a way I have never felt before.

I told Lucinda in confidence that I had never tried anal sex and perhaps she understood that as some sort of invitation to arrange that for me. What a friend.

The last guy came in my face and they stood around chatting for a while. “I guess she’s cool” I could hear one of them say and then they all just left. Lucinda or anyone else was nowhere in sight.


I found my dress and put it back on.

I was impressed with what Lucinda had arranged up until this point. There was no car to pick me up or anything like that. I sat around for at least 30 minutes before I decided to walk towards the city through the forest.


It took me at least 2 hours to walk back to the city. What a way to spend a bachelorette party. First an abduction and now some survivor scheme. Really weird.

When I got back I saw Lucinda there waiting for me with the other girls.

“Where have you been!?” she said.

“You know perfectly well where I have been!” I said “I never thought you were going to arrange a gang bang for me”. I whispered gang bang so the other girls wouldn’t hear.

“Oh” she said and smiled “Yes, the gangbang. Yes, I hope you like it”

“It was … different” I said. “Once in a lifetime kind of thing, right?”

Lucinda whispered to one of the other girls and I guess she thought I couldn’t hear her. “She thinks I arranged some sort of gangbang for her”

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