My Foolish Girlfriend

My girlfriend always got tricked into the stupidest things. She was very gullible and believed it flat out if someone said something was a good deal. She had been unemployed for a long time, and had at that time always had odd jobs for which she was underpaid or internships where she was not paid at all.

“I have great news” she said on the phone and I knew the sound of that. Another something-for-nothing scam I thought.

When I came home, she was sitting on the couch with this dude and she explained it to me.


“So don’t be mad, you were at work so I couldn’t ask you first, but I already agreed to suck this guys penis and he is going to pay me” she explained.

“Whoa, so what, you are a prostitute now?” I asked.

“No, it doesn’t defy me!” she said. The guy whispered “identify” in her ear. “It doesn’t identify me” she then corrected herself “I’m not a prostitute, I am just doing some odd jobs to make ends meet – you are the one who said I had to find a job” she said.


“So you’re not mad?” she asked me.

“Well, I’m not surprised at least, I know you always get yourself into these things.”

“Look, it’s easy!” she said and zipped down his pants, then she started sucking his cock.


“Yeah, I know it’s easy, that’s hardly the point” I said.

I was of course not too keen on my girlfriend sucking people off for money, even if she did say it did not make her prostitute. But I was curious what she was getting paid.

“500 dollars” she said and the guy looked at me and nodded.

I couldn’t believe it. For once she was being paid something reasonable for the work she was doing. I had not imagined she was able to make a deal like that. I found myself thinking that at least our money trouble would be over and if she did this for a while we would be able to put the down payment for an apartment and she could quit her new “job”.

I was about to congratulate her for making a good deal, when another guy came in.


He put his cock in her mouth as well. I knew there was something off about this deal. She was getting paid well, but she had to degrade herself by sucking two cocks at a time.

Still, money-wise, that didn’t actually change anything.

I couldn’t believe my own eyes when yet another guy came in and joined the fun.


I kept checking the door, but one of the guys laughed and said “No more coming, it’s just us” as if it wasn’t enough.

OK, three at a time, this deal was starting to make a little more sense. Even more so, as I noticed the guys were one by one taking pieces of clothing off of her, till she was stark naked.

My girlfriend didn’t object or react, she was just going with the flow. I was impressed, she was quite the natural.


I was thinking that even though it was too late to stop this session going on, I would suggest my girlfriend do not go down this road and instead find another way to earn money. If she doesn’t mind some nudity, she could probably earn quite well as a stripper or something else, where she doesn’t have to suck three cocks at once.

Now she was completely naked and one of the guys started finger-fucking her. I had moved out of the couch and given them some space.


I had seen where this was going, after they started taking her clothes off. One of them was getting his cock ready and positioned her and then he started sticking his cock in her and fucking her. It was beyond the mere blowjob she had mentioned so I went up to check on her.

She seemed OK, but was seemingly almost not even making a note of it. She was just focusing on the job at hand. Each time he pushed his cock deep inside her, her hands clenched and her face made wrinkles, but she continued sucking the other guy off. Hmm, maybe she had found her calling here.


After a while it seemed it became easier for her and she started moaning more and having a lot of fun.

Maybe this really was her calling. And for that money, it would certainly be well paid.

Of course it’s not the ideal occupation for your girlfriend, but as she said, it doesn’t identify her – I think she meant it doesn’t define her. That’s true. And she sure does seem to have a lot of fun.


It didn’t take long after that, that the guys started cumming, one just pulled out before cumming on her pussy and the rest jacked off in her face.

She was just smiling. “And that’s it, done!” she said, happily.


The guys left and my girlfriend asked me “so what do you think? you’re not mad, are you?” she asked.

“Well, I thought I would be, but you do seem to enjoy yourself and I must say you made a good deal with those guys” I said “and you want to do this more, or what?” I asked.

“Yes” she said, excited “I just have to complete this month and then I get paid all 500 dollars, all at once!”

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