Fantasy Football

Beth and Alex were hanging out in bed, talking about their day. Beth had just listened to a great story about what he got for lunch that day.

Beth told from her day that one of her colleagues, Trevor, had invited her to play fantasy football and Beth asked Alex whether he would mind if she played it with him.


Alex shook his head “No of course not, why would I mind?” Alex said “But do you even know what it is?”

Beth didn’t. “No, but Trevor is going to teach me”.

“Right, sounds fun” Alex said.

The next day after work, Beth met Trevor in the park.


“Ahh you came” Trevor said.

Beth looked confused. “No I didn’t!”

Trevor laughed “No, I mean, your boyfriend said yes”

Beth confirmed and Trevor and Beth started training fantasy football as instructed by Trevor.


Beth might now have worn so tight shorts if she had known there would be so much bending over in this sport.

“I won again!” Trevor yelled, after another obscure rule in this so-called fantasy football had been made up on the spot. “I get to choose again” he said “And I choose to move the game to my house”

“Can you just make a rule like that?” Beth asked. “Yes, that’s how you play”.

They went to Trevors house nearby and played.


“I caught the ball” Beth said, excited! “Yeah” Trevor said. “But I caught YOU, so I get to choose again!”

Before Trevor told his next wish, he confirmed with Beth “So you are sure Alex agreed to us playing fantasy football together?”. Beth confirmed.

“And does Alex know the rules?” Trevor asked. Beth confirmed again.

“OK, well, I choose we play naked in the next game”.

“Naked!?” Beth said, surprised “Yeah sure, wasn’t it nice of me to move the game to my house instead of playing in the park? But those are the rules. Very cool boyfriend you have!” Trevor said again.

Beth didn’t mind, seeing as her boyfriend had already given her the green light to play fantasy football.


Beginners luck is not very important in fantasy football, it turns out. Trevor was winning all the time. He would throw the ball up and before Beth could catch it, he would catch Beth and win again.

“How can I win?” Beth asked. “You would have to catch ME instead of me catching you or the ball. See, you are in defense, right now” Trevor explained. Beth nodded but didn’t really get the rules still. She only understood that she lost again.

“I get a touchdown” Trevor said. “Hey, I’ve heard of that!” Beth said.

“Yeah, it means I can touch down there” he said and pointed to her pussy. Since we’re naked and all, I choose to touch it with my cock”. Trevor said.

“Really? You can do that?”

“Yes, in fact, fantasy football very often turns out that way. It’s like Netflix and chill, as your boyfriend very well knows”.

Inside, Trevor put Beth on the bed and pushed his cock into her pussy.


He turned her around and fucked her from behind.

Meanwhile, she was trying to talk. “What now, you were going to teach me this game, what can I do now to win”

“Hang on, I think you have an opportunity soon” Trevor said.


Moments later he started cumming in her.

“Foul!” he said “I was not supposed to cum in you in fantasy football. You get 5 points!”


He pulled out and lied back on the bed, catching his breath.

“Now what?” Beth asked.

“You got some points, but I still won the game!” Trevor said. “Well done, though! Now since I won, I can choose the next date and time”

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