My lesbian roommate

I share an apartment with a girl. She’s a cutie, but she’s a lesbian. Some guys think lesbians are stupid and don’t like them, but not me. I rather like having a lesbian as a roommate. There are some advantages.

For example, some times my roommate has her girlfriend sleeping over.


I love it when my roommate has someone sleeping over. Because they are always sleeping very close to each other, they get hot and kick off their covers.

I like to open the door to their room and have a look at them. They look so peaceful, lying there with each other. Now you understand why I don’t mind that my roommate is a lesbian.

Some times I like to just take a small peek at their goods. Especially if it’s a new girl that my roommate brought home.


When they are lying close together in their sleep, they are touching each other. They don’t notice that there is yet another hand doing some touching – namely mine.

They are sleeping so tight and feel so comfortable with each other, that I can even advance further. First I set up a camera for my website – I might as well make a few bucks at the same time – and then I gently slip my dick into whichever guest my roommate has brought home on a given day.



Of course, there is no reason to hold back, once the camera is rolling. It’s exciting when there’s a new girl, but I still like to switch and slip my dick into my roommate as well.

Sometimes when I fuck one of the guests, they almost wake up – it was like that with my roommate once as well. But after many months of fucking and filming, my roommate seems to have gotten accustomed to it. In any case, I have found that I can fuck her harder and harder each time, without her waking up.


You may think I’m tempted to cum in my roommate or my guest – and if you do, you are right. But I have enough discipline to not do that too often. Mostly I pull out and cum on their faces.

When my cum sprinkle on their faces, I am always satisfied. Not only have I had a fun an enjoyable evening – but I’ve also made yet another great clip for my website.


You may think that I am also tempted to sometimes invite friends over and let them take part in all of this. If you think that, you’re right – but with guys laughing, talking, being too rough and arguing about who’s next, I have to spike their tea on nights like that. Otherwise they would probably wake up and my website visitors would have to miss out on the latest gangbang vid with my roommate’s latest guest.

8 thoughts on “My lesbian roommate”

  1. I see you naughtily pulled down your roommate's bra too, so you and your viewers could enjoy his tits as she slept totally unaware of her continuing role on the net – with no idea at all of the exploitation of her and her friends' pussies for fun and profit – but when they wake, don't they ever notice the cum you let fly over their faces? And while I think I understand your reasons for not, do you or your friends really manage to not cum inside these lesbian bimbos?

  2. As they lie there, undoubtedly their pussies are still moist from their own sexual adventures, which probably makes it easier for you to slip your dick into them without them waking. Your roommate so clueless as night after night you bang away at her and whoever she has over, with no idea that she is the star of your little movies, on display to the whole world – including I suppose in those "friends" events when guys may get "too rough" on both of their cunts…

  3. You're right Grinch – no holding back by all these naughty guys who will do anything to get their cocks into these gullible or clueless bimbos…

  4. Plus for guys like this the good thing about lesbians would be that some would never had been penetrated – they would truly be virgins…

  5. As a lesbian myself, you might think I'd be against this – but that is actually my ex-girlfriend and, for various reasons, I'm all for it. She woud never choose to be near an erect cock, so the idea of her secretly being used by some guy, repeatedly, and by all his friends, while a bunch of horny websurfing guys jerk off looking at her penetration, is quite a delightful violation… Take that, bitch – take it as far into you as it can go.

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