The shy stripper

“So you want to be a stripper at this club?” Mark said. He was the one in charge of hiring and each week got several applicants from hopeful young girls who had heard about the good pay as well as the great tips.


“Yes. I have what it takes!” Mindy said.

Mark was not convinced. “You know, Mindy, you are supposed to take off your clothes when you are stripping.”

“I can do that” Mindy said.

“Not only must you take your clothes off, but you must do it in front of strangers”

“I know” Mindy said.


Mindy looked around at the three guys looking at her, not saying anything.

“Ahh, why didn’t you just say? I have no problem taking my clothes off in front of strangers”

Mindy quickly undressed to prove her point and when she did, Mark decided to take a feel at the goods.


“So you don’t mind being naked in front of us three guys?” Mark asked.

“No, it’s no problem for me at all” Mindy said confidently.

“I don’t know” Mark said and looked thoughtful for a moment, then turned to one of his colleagues. “She did take an awfully long time realizing she should undress, given that she IS supposed to be a stripper”.

“Come on” Mindy said, “Give me a chance.”

“I know!” one of the guys said, and whispered something in Mark’s ear. Mark looked thoughtful for a moment, then muttered a “yes” to himself.

“It’s one thing to be naked in front of three guys, but it’s something completely different to be naked in front of hundreds of guys”. Mark explained.

“I can do it, come on, let me prove it” Mindy said eagerly.

“I will, but we don’t have a 100 guys available, so you can’t.. With just the three of us here you would have to ‘factor up’ the embarrasness of your show.”

Mindy mouthed the words. “… factor up … embarrasness … ahh, I think I know what you mean. But what could that be.”

“You must suck this cock – that would be much more embarrassing than just stripping”. Mark whipped out his cock, and Mindy, seeing the logic, kind of started to carress it.


Mindy was hesitating. “But I’m a stripper – that’s it …”

“Of course, Mindy, this is not going to be your job, this will just be to prove that you are not shy”.

From the moment´that sentence ended, Mindy’s mouth was full and she sucked the cock to prove how little shyness she possessed.

“But boss, sometimes there will not be just 100, there will be 200 guys in the club. We should double it” one of the guys said, and whipped out his cock as well.


She did her best to keep up with the two cocks, eagerly competing for her attention.

The third guy, however, could not think of anything to say or do. There wouldn’t be enough space for 300 people in the club, he thought to himself, not realizing that subtle arguments like that would likely not be noticed in this situation.

Mark his colleague being left out, and said “Come one, dude, sometimes in the club people might even be filming. That would be even more embarrassing”. With that, Mark tilted Mindy backwards and started working her pussy.


Mindy was not thinking. Well, she was thinking that now she really had proven that she was not shy. They would have to admit that – and they would definitely have to give her the job. She was reminding herself that this was not part of the job – this was just the interview – she was just going to be stripper.

“Don’t cum in her, dude” Mark said.

“What … why?” the guy said … her pulled out of her and went for her mouth.

“I want to go first” Mark said and smiled. He pushed his cock all the way into Mindy’s pussy and then fucked her of full strength, as fast as he could. He banged away until he was even breaking a sweat, then he could feel it coming. It was getting closer … he thrusted a few more times quickly and then came with a roar in her pussy. “Yeah!” he yelled. “You got the job!”

Mindy was at that moment both happy she got the job and happy it was over.

Mindy was very tired after her next day at work. As she was leaving, what Mindy hadn’t expected was that, after she had successfully finished her work, Mark, one of the guys from before and a new guy was waiting for her. “As you already know, the assurance that you are not shy is not part of your job description – we just need to continually make sure of that. I hope you understand.” Mark said, as he pulled out his cock and tilted Mindy forwards onwards to her knees.

“You are still not shy, are you?” Mark asked, as he inserted his cock in her.


The other guys followed and they all enjoyed an evening of Mindy.

The story repeated itself. Sometimes with just Mark and one other guy, sometimes Mark wasn’t even there and sometimes with up to 4 guys. During one session, Mindy was surprised to learn that one of the 4 guys had been replaced during the session. She looked around and was surprised to see 4 fresh faces. The guys who had started on her were all gone.

Another day, it was only after she had been fucked a few times, that she started noticing that the guys fucking her were actually the guests of the club. When the door opened, she could see that there seemed to be some exchange of items with the door man and then a guy entered.

As the weeks went by, Mindy sometimes felt like she was being used, made a whore, but reminded herself that it couldn’t be a job – because she wasn’t getting paid.

Pictures by Gang Bang Junkies

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