It was only after I was caught shoplifting, that I really read the sign that’s in every market. It usually reads something like “shoplifters will be reported to the police”, to discourage shoplifters from thinking they can get away with it.


I tried making fun about it when they caught me. “Oh that candy bar? I just forgot about that, I was going to buy that”.

“Sorry mam, I don’t believe you were going to pay for that” the clerk said and I realized he wasn’t thinking it was funny.

“It was an accident” I continued “Please don’t report me to the police”. The clerk just pointed to the sign I had read before. The second time I read it, I saw that it really said “shoplifters will NOT be reported to the police”. I was baffled.

“So you’re not going to report me?” I asked, in amazement. “No mam, we believe in handling it ourselves”.

“Oh” I just said. The clerk continued “some times when it’s a cute girl like you, she just flashes her tits, maybe let me grab them, and we forget the whole thing.

I was certainly game. It seemed like an easy way to get out of this.


I lowered my top and when he held his hands forward, I arched to show him I was cooperating about him touching. I closed my eyes and could feel him grab my tits, play with them a bit.

I opened my eyes and he was still holding my tits. “So I can go now?” I asked.

“Some times that’s enough” the clerk said, “but other times …”. The clerk paused – then suddenly from behind I was gagged with a ball.


I tried to scream briefly, but it was muffled by the very effective gag ball.

“Are you going to cooperate about this? Then I’ll remove the gag. If you scream or even say anything, I will not be so kind next time.”

I had no choice. I nodded. “You are going to sit here in front of the counter for everyone to see. You are not to stand up, even when new customers come in.”

I nodded again. They tied my hands behind my back and sat me down on the cold floor.


A customer entered and he quickly saw me. He stood there, looking at me for a few moments. Then he returned to the back of the store, got a packet of pretzels and two beers, then went to the counter. “I would like these” he said and put the items on the counter. Meanwhile, I was sitting right next to him on my knees by the counter.

“That’ll be $4” the clerk said. The customer looked down on me. “And a blow from the girl”. “$5 then” the clerk said.

I couldn’t help but protest. “What!?” I just got to say, when the clerk cut me off. “You didn’t just talk, did you?” the clerk asked. I shook my head. If this was my treatment when I was behaving, what would he do if I misbehaved, I wondered.

The customer paid the $5 for his purchases and I was gagged again – this time with his cock.


I noticed a clerk assistant was now taking pictures. The clerk said “If you misbehave, we’ll put up the pictures here in the store, to show everyone how we handle shoplifters”.

I continued to suck his cock. He didn’t warn me before he suddenly came in my mouth. I got up, hoping this was it, when I saw the clerk shaking his head. “Put you panties in your mouth” he said. “and grab your own butt” he continued.

I took off my panties from under my skirt and put them in my mouth as he told me, then I held both hands on my butt, through my skirt. “I said your butt, not your skirt” he said.

I lifted my skirt, forced to letting the other customers see my bare ass.


Another of the customers that had seen the whole thing and hadn’t left yet, although he didn’t seem to be buying anything, went to the counter. He then put one hand on my butt and another on the counter. “One fuck please” he said and lifted his hand from the counter. Underneath it was a single dollar bill.

“Sorry Mr., you can’t do that” the clerk said.

“Why” the customer asked distraught “that other guy could?”

“Yea, but a fuck is very different from just a blow.” the clerk explained. “That’ll be $3” he then said.

Now it was my turn to be distraught. I was now actually angry. I was not only angry about being essentially rented out as a sex slave, but I was actually angry about the price as well. Was he going to sell fucks for $3?

The customer left another two dollar bills, but I protested. “Stop, I have my limits too” I said.

The clerk laughed. “Hey, you’re the shoplifter. You will get your punishment one way or the other. It’s up to you how you want it.” I didn’t get time to think about a reply before the customer was pushing his cock into my pussy from behind.


I fucked my really energetically. After only 2 minutes, I was relieved to learn that he had come on my leg. He was kind enough not to cum in my pussy.

I was putting my leg back down, but it didn’t reach the floor, before it was put back up, another three dollars were put on the counter and I had another cock in my pussy.


The scenario repeated itself – the dude fucked me for a few minutes. This time he put another dollar bill on the counter in the middle of the fucking, then came in my pussy.

I took out the panties from my mouth. “You idiot!” I yelled at the paying customer, then turned to the clerk “I’ve had enough of this, I’m leaving!” I said.

“Are you really?” The clerk asked “I’m not so sure – but I AM sure that everyone will see the video we’ve made tonight”. He pointed to the camera, still pointing directly at me. I had forgot all about that. He got me.

Do Not Shoplift. I certainly learnt my lesson tonight. I also learnt something else that night. My asshole is worth one more dollar than my pussy.


Pictures by Public Disgrace

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