Paying for tuition 2/4

The dream of getting my own apartment, led me to think more about an offer I had had at work. They said, they would double my pay, if I would give a blowjob on camera. I had laughed at the suggestion, but still, I had secretly thought about it. I was doing fine, really, but I needed my own place, in order to be able to focus on my studies. And it was within my reach.


I was doing a photo shoot as every week, just making ends meet. I had not made any decision to actually blow a guy on camera at this point, but it was in the back of my head. I could have asked about it, but I couldn’t make myself take the initiative to do it.

I was posing and my thoughts were circling around this choice – I was not thinking as much about the blowjob as I was about the apartment. At this critical time, they asked me. As if they knew I would susceptible to that question right now. I agreed! It would be easy enough and I would then finally be able to get my own place and be able to focus on my studies. I agreed and sucked the guy off on camera.


Boy was I nervous. But when it was all over, to my surprise, I felt quite good about myself. I had taken charge and would now be able to afford my own place.

The next day I took another look at that apartment I had my eye on. I was so thrilled when I could just say “I’ll take it!”. The next day, I moved in and at the beginning of the month, I could comfortably pay the mortgage.

After a few months of blowjobs, they started suggesting I do more hardcore porn. One week, they didn’t call me back – another one, they called me but were not happy with the result. They paid me, but I could sense this would not last. The next time they didn’t call me, I could see that my savings were soon running out and something had to be done or I would have to give up my apartment. I figured the difference between blow jobs and more hardcore porn was not that big. Both is in the ‘porn’ category, so I ultimately decided to do it.


When I came to the set, there were two guys waiting. That was not how I had imagined my hardcore debut to be, but I had already paid the mortgage in anticipation of a good paycheck from this and I didn’t complain. With a geek like that every week, I would still only have to work for one day and could continue with my studies almost full time – I had planned that once I was done, I would move to a different state, so people wouldn’t know me, and pick up my new life as a history teacher.

That thought somehow made it more bearable that my reputation was not the greatest here in campus, as most people by now knew how I made ends meet to pay tuition. Well, other girls had done the same in order to pay for their books and stuff and there was really some understanding of it.


As the guy fucked me while I was sucking off another guy, I felt quite violated, but still knew I was doing something good for myself. This was the path I had to take for a bright future for myself. It might not be the right choice for the lucky girl with the rich dad, but it was the right choice for me. This was my way of getting the means now to succeed in life later.

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