Paying for tuition 3/4

“Good news” he said, when he called me up. It was the guy who hired me for the photo shoot, which now had turned into regular hardcore fuck sessions on camera. Come to think of it, I was not getting paid more now than I was in the beginning in the first nude photo shoots. Anyway, I had chosen to keep my apartment, focus on my studies and take a few rough years like this. It was the way out for me.

“What’s the good news, then?” I asked.

“You’ve been hired to perform at a bachelor party!” he yelled out. “You’re gonna be the cook … but there is a twist” he said.


I had my suspicions, and when I arrived, they were confirmed. The outfit I was given to be the cook, was obviously one that was supposed to be taken off. I kind of knew what to expect. I didn’t like this development one bit, but still welcomed the work, of course. I was depending on getting work every week – I had to make a certain amount every week to make ends meet, I couldn’t just stop, then I would be in big trouble and everything I had worked for would be wasted.

“OK, but I gotta get at least as much this week as last week” I said. “Absolutely no problem” he said “you will even get more this week than last week”. With that message, I was happy to arrive at the place.


Yeah, I was dressed as as cook, alright, but it was quite clear that I was gonna be the entertainment for the night. I figured I would do a strip tease and maybe some erotic dancing.

Thinking of how well I would be getting paid, I had no problem whatsoever giving these guys a little entertainment. I dropped my cook’s jacket and gave them all a little show.


They were surprisingly quick to yank my panties off and have a group picture taken with me …


During that night I was put hard at work. No one actually fucked me, but they demanded blowjobs from me all night long. When the night was over, I had given a blowjob to everyone in the room at least once. And I say AT LEAST once, because one guy I had blown at least three times. The third time I could hardly get him … hard.


When I was done and came back to the studio, my employer handed me the envelope with my earning. It was light. Barely a fifth of what I usually receive, and I had just blown an entire bachelors party. “What is this? You said I would earn more this week than last week” I complained. “Sure you will” he said “I’ve got jobs lines up for you for every day of the week!”

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