Playing for charity

I was playing the double bass on the pedestrian street. I had just seen a documentary on the news about how poor and hungry the women of Africa are. I was struck by compassion and felt compelled to do something about it. I grabbed a hat, grabbed my double bass and went to the street. I wanted to make some money by playing and then donate it to a charity organization that helps African women.

I hadn’t been playing long before a guy with a saxophone showed up. Apparently I was in his spot. I explained to him why I was playing – that it was for charity, and he decided to join me.


I’m very skilled with the double bass and he was really good with the saxophone as well, so it really sounded good. We weren’t making a lot of money, though.

“It’s not really working” I said to him. “How much do we have so far?”

He looked in the hat. “2 dollars. That’s not much when we’ve been playing for 15 minutes.” he was right. “Wait … 1 dollar and a button.” he corrected himself.

Suddenly he looked up from playing. “I got an idea!”. He lifted me skirt with his saxophone and revealed my panties. What was he doing!?


I immediately stopped him. “What are you doing? How is that’s going to help the women of Africa?” I asked him firmly.

He pointed to the hat. “Someone just left a dollar while I lifted your skirt. We just doubled our earnings in 5 seconds!”

I looked in the hat. He was right, someone had actually left a dollar in the hat. His trick with lifting my skirt had somehow worked. Or maybe it was a coincidence.

I was upset that he had lifted my skirt without talking with me about it, but he had a point. I’m an accomplished double bass player, but people pay more to see my panties. He pointed to my chest.

“Show your tits. Let’s see how that works” he said.

Expose my breasts on a pedestrian street. My first thought was that he was crazy. On second thought – African women are exposing their breasts all the time. It’s just a lunch box down there. It was worth a try. I quickly opened my blouse.


People noticed. I saw several people drop something in the hat. “What now?” I asked.

He looked in the hat. “5 dollars!” he said. Wow 5 dollars now. They had more than doubled the amount, just because I exposed my tits. He corrected himself again. “I mean, 5 dollars more than before. 7 dollars in total now”. What the … they tripled it, because I showed a tit.

People were standing around us now, waiting for the next thing. I briefly showed my tits again, but no one put anything in the hat. Had it been a coincidence. No – not 5 dollars. Maybe they were just not paying for something they had already seen.

“Let’s try something with this” the saxophonist said and zipped down his pants. In pure anticipation of him having his penis out and a young beautiful girl like me sitting right there, I saw people dropping stuff in the hat. So I decided to play along.


I grabbed the dick and tried to look sexy.

Apparently that became boring quite quickly, because people stopped putting money in the hat. The guy noticed it too.

“We’ll have to think of something quick before they leave” he whispered to me. I thought quickly and put his dick in my mouth.


It worked. People put money in the hat again. I took out the dick and came to my senses for a moment. What was I doing? I had a dick in my mouth on a pedestrian street. I don’t even know the guy. I looked in the hat and thought of the African women again. Those poor women. I had to help them.

I put the dick back in my mouth and as I put it farther and farther into my throat I saw more and more people put money in the hat and more money stand around watching. It was working.

It was … but it stopped working. Even though I had all of his cock in my throat, it wasn’t enough. I saw a few people leave, and people certainly stopped putting money in the hat. Something had to be done quickly. I pushed the guy down on the chair and jumped on top of him.


His dick slit right in – probably because it was all lubricated by the spit from my throat.

I felt shame in the fact that I was getting excited. I had to remember that I was doing this for the women of Africa. I would donate everything to charity and that was why I had to keep it going. With each time I slit down on his dick with my pussy, I may have saved a life of an African woman. It may be a high price for me and my dignity, but it’s an even higher price for them.

As I noticed I slowly started to lose the crowd again, I changed position.


This time I was facing the audience and trying to play a few tunes on the saxophone. It didn’t sound very well, but people appreciated the effort. I think I even saw a few bills drop into the hat. That’s why I kept being motivated. Even though I look like having fun, it’s not funny for the African women, is it. I have to keep going as long as they are paying. I’m saving lives here, and it’s literally not costing me anything.

I quickly dropped what was left of my clothes and changed to another position.


Oh yes this is the stuff. I mean – I see a lot of money going into the hat, I think. It’s hard to concentrate with him fucking me so hard. It seems he has the same goal as me. He’s really thinking of the helping the charity. I know that, because he fucks me harder and harder – that must be because he wants the audience to stay and to make money.

In fact, he kept going for quite some time. I wouldn’t say that I was getting bored because, let’s face it, I was being fucked wonderfully hard by a stranger on a pedestrian street with 50 spectators. But I was surprised that he kept fucking me in this position for 40 minutes. He was really a master at holding it in.


Finally, he pulled it out – and when he did, cum flooded out of me.

“You finally came” I said to him. He looked at me “Finally? I already came twice inside you 20 and 30 minutes ago. You didn’t notice?”

I sure didn’t – but when I come to think of it, I’m glad he didn’t stop the show just because he came. I mean, it may have been a bit tedious for me, but then again, what’s that compared to all the human lives that I’m going to save this way?

As I put my clothes back on, I looked in the hat and counted the money. 50 dollars. Hmm – I expected it to be more after what I did, but it certainly IS more than I could expect from playing the double bass?

50 dollars for an hours work – of doing that. If I had been a whore, I could have earned twice that! Hmm … what if …

Pictures by Club Seventeen
(they are over 18, don’t worry)

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