When you think about it …

I like this job. I get to dress up in different outfits. It’s fun and it’s quite easy. I just dress up and pose for the camera. I always know what to do, because I get instructions from the photographer.


Today was no different. Some promotional company ordered a photo shoot where I pose nude with a whip and I do just that. It pays well and, as I said, it’s quite easy. Lucky for me, some girls have a problem with being naked in front of a camera. Not me. When you think about it, what they see are my breasts and my pussy. What’s so special about that? Every woman on the planet has it. That’s almost 3 billion people. Why would I mind showing that off? That’s what I told myself when I took this job, and I’m glad other girls don’t think like that. Then it would be harder for me to keep my job and it probably wouldn’t pay as well either.

“The customer wanted some shots where you have this in your pussy”. My manager was holding up a steel dildo. I usually don’t say anything during a photo shoot. I just do what they tell me, but this was different. The deal is that it’s a nude photo shoot and I have various props. There has never been any talk of any insertion. I am not used to talking during a photo shoot, so I didn’t really get to finish my thoughts, until it was too late and the steel dildo was already being inserted in my pussy.


Well, what’s the big deal? I have a whip and a belt – those are my accessories today. And then I have a steel dildo. Why is that any different from any other props. Ok, so I wear it a little different, but what harm does it do? When you think about it, it’s not porn or anything. It’s just wearing a dildo. It’s still just a nude photo shoot and I have a dildo in my pussy.

As I was being photographed I forgot about my concerns about the dildo and concentrated on posing.

“The customer also wants a few pictures where you have a penis in your mouth”.

A penis, I thought to myself. That is definitely not my job having a penis in my mouth. I was about to break my silence on set, when I stopped myself. Is a penis in my mouth really sex? When you think about it, a penis is just made of flesh and skin. I might as well have his finger or his elbow in my mouth. Would that be sex? Of course not. So why should having a penis in my mouth be sex? Well, if it’s not sex, it’s not porn and it’s still just a nude photo shoot. The penis is just another prop.


Thinking about it like that, made it easy for me to put the penis in my mouth and keep concentrating on posing. I gave a sort of sexy look to the camera while putting my tongue on the penis. I imagine that’s the sort of situation that the customer would want, when he wants me to use both a steel dildo and a penis as a prop in my nude photo shoot.

“The customer wants pictures where you sit on a penis as well”.

Sit on a penis!? What is that, if it’s not porn? I mean, having a penis inside a pussy is pretty much the essential of sex, isn’t it? Should I speak up? Should I break my silence. Wasn’t this porn? And I signed up a nude photo shoot with sexy posing.

Sexy posing … hmm. Wouldn’t sitting on a dick be a sexy pose? It’s a photo shoot so we wouldn’t actually be moving at all so it would just be posing – and that is exactly what I signed up for. Sexy nude posing with props. I already had one prop, the steel dildo in my pussy. I had another prop, the penis in my mouth. Now I would simply switch the position of the penis prop and pose with that. Good thing I realized this before I started making a fuzz about contracts and make a fool out of my self.


I sat down on the penis as instructed. I didn’t move up and down on it – I just posed on the penis. Of course, I had to move a little around just to change poses, but that was it. The guy seemed to help me move around to change pose, because he did move me up and down a bit.

Of course, the point of the photo shoot in this situation would be for me to pretend to have sex. No doubt about that. But that’s what signifies a good poser. I can look like I am having sex, when I’m really just posing with a penis in my pussy. I am not having sex, but the person viewing the result of the photo shoot won’t know that.

In fact, if I just cheat a little and move up and down while posing, I can perfect the illusion of having sex. I am ambitious with my nude modelling career and don’t mind cutting a few corners to get a great photo shoot. So I don’t mind cheating and using all possible advantages.

“The customer wants some final shots where you have penis in your mouth again”.

This time I didn’t need to think about it. I had already had the penis in my mouth and it was only natural to repeat some poses.


“The customer needs it to look like you are sucking on the penis”.

The keyword here is ‘look like’. Again, when you think about it, I just pose with the penis in my mouth, and the pose should give the illusion of me sucking on it. I don’t need to actually suck on it to make a pose that looks like I am sucking on it. Of course, as I already said, I don’t mind doing everything I can to make a convincing case. In this case, I decided to actually suck on the penis – that would make the pose so much more convincing.

Something happened now that I had not expected. He came in my mouth.


That wasn’t supposed to happen, Did he do it on purpose? Being a professional I didn’t act like anything was wrong.

Hmm … I was just supposed to make it look like I was sucking, but I cheated and sucked for real – just because I wanted to make sure it looked authentic. When you think about it, it was my own fault that he came in my mouth.

This sure was a different type of nude photo shoot, but when I think about it, I really think I did the best I could.

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