Pleasing my boyfriend 1/2

I am sitting here with my boyfriend and his friend, feeling a little uncomfortable. You see, I am sort of trying to cover up the bottom of my skirt like this.


There is a good reason for doing that – you see, I’m not wearing any underwear!

My boyfriend had told how he would like me to not wear any underwear, that he would think it would be hot, so I did what any good girlfriend would do and went without underwear that day.

That same day my boyfriend brought his friend home and here we are now.

My boyfriend accidentally leans on my leg and the result is inevitable – my legs are spread and my bare pussy is shown to my boyfriend and his friend.


“Whoa what do we have here” my boyfriend says. I’m so embarrassed.

“Now look what you did” he says and points to Joel, his friend.

“What?” I respond. I can’t see anything.

“There in his pants, he has a hard on now – well what did you expect when you show him your pussy”

My boyfriend is not playing fair. He told me to not wear underwear and he was the one who was careless.

“So … “ I say to him.

“Joel, take it out” my boyfriend says and looks at me “now I think the only right thing you can do now is to give him a blowjob.”

My boyfriend sort of pushes my head towards Joels penis and I start sucking it.


While I am sucking Joels cock, my boyfriends starts taking my dress of until I am all naked.

“I am getting a bit of a boner myself there, honey” my boyfriend says. I start sucking his cock too and now I am sucking both their cocks. Is this really what my boyfriend wants me to do?


“Joel, you have a condom, right?” my boyfriend asks Joel. Joel is nodding and getting a condom from his jacket in the hallway.

When he comes back, he is wearing the condom. I thought the condom was for my boyfriend.

“What?” I ask, as if it is not obvious what my boyfriend wants me to do.

“He is wearing a condom, you will be fine, let him have some fun – you started it!” my boyfriend said.

Well, if you don’t count asking me to go pantyless, I guess he is right.


After some minutes, they switch places and my boyfriend also fucks me while Joel expects me to suck his cock.

He has taken the condom off, and I am now sucking his cock while my boyfriend is fucking me.


My boyfriend is fucking me faster now and it is that familiar feeling that I know when he is soon cumming. I look down and I see he is not wearing a condom anymore. I am not on birth control, so am shocked, but then I am happy to see that he pulls out – he cums on me. In the mean time, I discover that cum is also on my face – Joel had cum on my face.


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