Mrs. Ramirez wanted a deck built and I had been working on it for two weeks. Every time I was there she gave me a hard time about my tools or the mess.

It was a Friday afternoon when she came in complaining about the mess. I was so tired of listening to her complaining, and thankfully I was scheduled to be done after today. I just had to finish up the steps and then this project would be over.

The whole time that I had been there I had never seen her husband, and I was there 10 hours a day, Monday thru Friday.

She would often wear skimpy clothes and bend over in front of me, but I never thought anything of it.


She stopped and apologized about giving me such a hard time and said that she was under a lot of stress. On top of the stress, she said her husband is always away on business trips, and she feels lonely.

She then went on to say that she hadn’t had sex in months and that her body was calling for a man’s touch.

Suddenly she changed her demeanor, and walked over to me, grabbed my cock and asked me if I was lonely too.

Mrs. Ramirez was hot, I hadn’t really looked at her hard before, because of her bitchy attitude, but with my cock growing in her hand I saw her in a whole new light.


She slowly massaged my rock hard cock through my jeans, and I leaned my head back, closed my eyes, and moaned.

She took off her glasses, lifted her enormous boobs out of her bra, and I watched with excitement. I unbuckled my belt, pulled down my pants, and whipped my cock out.

She instantly kneeled to the floor and put her warm, wet mouth all over my cock. It grew more and more and as she took more of my cock in her mouth.


As she sucked me off, I briefly thought “I guess I won’t be finishing the job today,” but I was about to for sure finish this one.

Swiftly, I pulled off the rest of her clothes and pulled her to the couch. She took my cock and slid it into her pretty little pussy.

I pumped my cock into her so hard, her eyes rolled back, and she grabbed onto my arm. I could tell she liked it because she was grabbing onto to me pretty tightly.

She screamed for more of my big hard cock, and I let her have all of it.


When she sensed I was almost about to cum, she got off the couch and kept my cock going by massaging it with her huge boobs.

She glided her boobs around my dick like butter; I thought it wouldn’t get any better until she started sucking the tip of my cock at the same time.

It was driving me crazy and I had to get back in her wet pussy before I exploded all over her boobs.


I got her back down on the couch, and put my cock right into her. She moaned, and grabbed me and pulled me closer, then ordered me to go harder. Even during sex, she was bitchy. I was glad I was only fucking her and that I wasn’t her husband.

She started to pump her pussy up and down on my cock, and it sent chills through my body. Her wetness was driving me crazy and the sound of her ass slapping on my cock was getting me closer to the end.

I simply couldn’t hold back any longer and I started Cumming all in her pretty little pussy.


Immediately afterward, I realized the time had gone. I had to leave right away to make it home in time. I got dressed quickly and rushed out of the door, leaving the project unfinished.

Just as I got in the car, my boss called.

“So you’re done?” he asked. “Yup” I responded, “All done for the day.”

“No, I mean, is the project done?”

It’s supposed to be done today!” I could hear him getting agitated. It was my fault it wasn’t done, and so I reassured him it would be completed the next morning.

As I tried to reassure him he reassured me that the deadline for the project was today, and now a day later means a day loss from my check.

Double fuck.


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