Public Safety Instructions – Preventing sexual harassment

Last time we gave you instructions to help prevent accidents in the bath. In this installment of the Public Safety Instructions, we will be getting advice on how to prevent sexual harassment in the work place”

The speaker spoke over the video as it was being filmed. Carmen was dressed in standard office clothes, although it could be said that her cleavage was a little bigger than you would usually see in an office. This, of course, was intentional.


“Carmen works in an office and her superior is a man. This is a standard scenario where sexual harassment could happen. But it doesn’t have to. We will tell you how.”

Carmen was acting out whatever the speaker said. At this point, the speaker wasn’t giving any instructions that would need her to anything, so she just stayed still.

“Carmen’s cleavage is acceptable but depending on who her boss is, she might want to wear a shirt with less cleavage, as it could be seen as an encouragement for her boss.”

“Let’s imagine a different situation, where her clothes would clearly be an encouragement, as opposed to the cleavage. Imagine Carmen’s skirt having risen slightly, by accident, and at the same time she bends over”

Carmen bent over a bit, but the speaker wasn’t happy and made his instructions more clear.

“The situation where she was bending over, would cause her panties to be on display”. Carmen had to lift the shirt quite a bit to act out what the speaker had instructed.


“You see, most men would feel some sort of sexual encouragement from seeing this, regardless of whether it was an accident or on purpose.”

“Now, we will see what happens when Carmen serves her boss a cup of coffee”

Carmen was looking around for the coffee, but couldn’t see it. The speaker didn’t give any more instructions. Carmen finally understood it and went to the kitchen to make some coffee. When she came back, she served it to the actor, working at the desk.


“In a work situation, you may from time to time experience a so-called ‘close encounter’ where you have to sit quite close to a co-worker, perhaps to see something on their screen. What’s important when you do this, is that you act natural and don’t add any significance to it. Anything else could result in your co-worker thinking that you are inviting a sexual approach. Such as your co-worker grabbing your panties.”

The actor stood up and tried grabbing her panties, to demonstrate.


“This is only one of many things that could happen. You may think that there is nothing wrong with this situation, after all, panties are just a piece of clothing, but you should react on this. You should make it clear, that you are not interested in any sexual encounter, even if none has happened yet, just to make sure it’s clear.”

“The next thing that could happen, if you are not sufficiently clear about your intentions, is that your co-worker may assume you are interested and may want to attempt to pull your panties all the way off”.

The actor sat Carmen down on the chair and started pulling at her panties.


“Now, again, you may think that panties are inanimate items so this is of no importance. You may think you should not stop your co-worker, that you should be cooperative. That may be true in some cases, but you should note, that even though panties are inanimate objects and as such insignificant, what is important is what the panties represent. They are what is blocking your most intimate parts from participating in any sexual encounter.”

“It’s easy to misunderstand a situation. Misunderstanding a situation could lead to another situation and another and another, as a chain reaction. Observe.”

“Carmen let her co-worker lick her pussy. She doesn’t mind that too much, after all, it’s a sexual favour to her. It’s a nice thing to do, if we look away from the fact that it’s a sexually charged action.”


“At this point, Carmen may be very happy with the situation, in fact, enjoying herself, thinking this is all that will happen and that she is in control of the situation.”

“But once her co-worker has licked her pussy for a while, he may want to get something in return. At this point, Carmen is in a state of ‘owing’ something to her co-worker. Now she cannot easily just say ‘no’ as it would be in conflict with the implicit agreement they entered into, when her co-worker started licking her pussy and when Carmen allowed this.”

“It may not happen at all, but one possible situation that could occur at this point, is that her co-worker would rightfully begin fucking her and Carmen can’t really do anything about it, without causing a social conflict of some sort. Something that is not wanted at a work place. For this reason, all Carmen can do at this point, is to receive the cock from her co-worker and hope that they can still work together effectively after the encounter is over.”


“Carmen may or may not let her co-worker cum in her. However, as she is not actually in control of the situation, that is the lesson she has learnt here today, her co-worker may cum in her at his own discretion. Carmen would not be able to stop him, as she wouldn’t know exactly when it would happen and even if she did know, her co-worker could hold on to her a little and there would be nothing she could do. In fact, her co-worker could cum in her right now. Or a little later maybe. Maybe now. There it is.”

“So what has Carmen learnt today. Say no early on. Make your intentions clear. Otherwise you will be feeling cum leaking out of your pussy at the end of the day.”

Carmen didn’t have to act much for the last bit.

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