Public Safety Instructions – Your rights when dressing provocatively

Hi, I’m Deena. I couldn’t believe it. I had received a third speeding ticket and had to do public service or I would face jail time. Jail time! For speeding tickets! Well, obviously I chose the public service rather than going to jail, promising to participate in a video for Public Safety Instructions.

The purpose of the video was to inform women of their rights, apparently because some women think they lose some of their rights if they dress provocatively. I was happy to help the cause, but unhappy at how they approached it.

These Public Safety Instructions are for you who wishes the freedom the dress provocatively but do not know your rights or how to behave when doing so.

For example, Deena decided to go for a stroll in an outfit that most people would consider a provocative outfit. Having her delicious shaven pussy directly on display, could by some people be misinterpreted as some sort of invitation for something sexual.


Yes, that’s me on that picture. They made me wear the skimpiest outfit ever and with my pussy on full display. It looks like it an outside set but it’s really an indoor set. That and that the alternative was jail time, was what made me accept this.

For example, if Deena was approached by a stranger that put his penis out, you might wonder what her rights are in this situation.

1. Because she herself is dressing provocatively, she cannot complain about indecent behavious from the stranger if he just put his penis out.

2. If the stranger would demand of you to grab his penis, you could refuse.

3. However, if you do not wish to refuse, you are welcome to grab it.

They asked me to grab the cock. I couldn’t believe it had to be this explicit, just to enable women to know their rights. However, I convinced myself that it was for a good cause – and the thought of jail time was still in the back of my head.


Similarly, the same three basic rules are valid in case the stranger would ask for a blowjob. Regardless of how provocatively you are dressed or whether you grabbed his cock willingly, there is no way a stranger can demand that of you.

Hearing the speaker refer to a blowjob really got me on edge, seeing that last time he talked about a handjob, I had to grab a cock …

That’s why you are left with the following two choices:

1. Refuse the request to give a blowjob to the stranger.

2. Accept the request and give the blowjob.

Thus it should be underlined that you have a completely free choice as to whether you will give a blowjob or not. For example, Deena here chose of her own free will to put this strangers penis in her mouth.

Damn – I saw that one coming (no pun intended). I reminded myself that no one really watches any of those public service messages and didn’t make a fuss about putting his penis in my mouth.


Deena may wish to complete the blowjob or she may decide to stop the blowjob. Putting a strangers penis in her mouth does not obligate her to complete the blowjob, she can stop at any time. In this case, Deena decided to stop giving the blowjob.

Finally, I was instructed to stop the blowjob. I stood up and hoped this was it – but any energy spent hoping was wasted.

In a scenario like this, the stranger may want to have sexual intercourse. Of course, Deena can and should refuse this. It would be inappropriate to have intercourse in a public place like this, likewise it would be inappropriate to have intercourse with a stranger.

However, Deena has the freedom to choose otherwise. But only if no one else is looking, because if they are, it could be deemed indecent behaviour. In this case, though, no one is looking and Deena decides to have intercourse.

What!? That’s what I said on the set. However, they explained to me that there was no way around it, that the alternative was jail and that I would have to pay an additional fine for wasting their time if I stopped the shooting now. I had no choice and just had to lift my leg and accept his too large penis drill into my pussy.


The speaker stopped commenting on the shoot at this point and it was basically just the guy fucking me. After a few minutes, when the guy started panting a bit, the speaker continued narrating.

At this point, the couple should decide among themselves whether they may want to have a chance at pregnancy. If not, they should ensure that the man does not ejaculate while his penis is inside the womans vagina.

This decision is up to both of them. The man may decide he does not want to have a chance of pregnancy with this woman. The woman may also decide that she is not ready to have a child. Thus, only if both agree, the man should ejaculate inside the woman’s vagina and the couple will have a chance of pregnancy.

In this particular case, Deena apparently wanted a chance at pregnancy or simply didn’t care. The same being true for the guy, he was going to ejaculate in her quite violently.

I only just understood what this meant before I could feel the guy change pace and then he came in me.

This happy couple can now be on their way together or separately. The woman is under no obligation to go with the guy, regardless of her outfit or her actions. It’s up to her. In the same way, the guy is also free to leave. Which, in this type of scenario, he usually does.

Relieved that it was at least over, I was surprised to hear the narrator continue.

It should be stressed that the woman can continue to have intercourse with multiple strangers on a single evening, for example, this stranger was strolling about in the neighborhood …

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