Question: When your significant other makes a blatant mistake, do you some times agree on a fitting punishment?

@jake47, 43 days ago

Yes, we find it is best to do something to get over these mistakes so we can all move on. It is in everyones interest in a relationship that you can close a chapter and move on, so the punishment has to be something that makes her not make a mistake like that again.

In our case, my wife agrees to strip down and get blindfolded, gagged and handcuffed to a chair. I take a picture to document it and remind her so she doesn’t make a mistake next time.

@mannymagee, 43 days ago

We do something similar to what Jake describes. With a twist. She agrees to be tied up outside in our shed where the postman might come by. Who knows. That’s what makes it interesting and a punishment.

It’s not explicitly part of it that I lift her t-shirt but I guess it’s to be expected.

@bengee1982, 41 days ago

My favorite choice of punishment is a picnic… with a twist.

She has to be handcuffed and then I lift up her skirt and leave her like that. Humiliating and works great as a punishment that is very memorable.

@dannyboy95, 39 days ago

We like to keep it at home instead of going out. It gives us a little more room to do what we want or rather what I want. I like it when she gets tied up on the bed at home. And when she fucked up, then I know that is the right time to ask her.

@marklevis_maganot, 35 days ago

We are definitely the outdoorsy types. If we do something at home, its just sex games and not really a punishment. For it to really work, it must be outside so the most extreme is one time she reluctantly agreed to get tied to a park table.

I had mercy on her because we did it early in the morning when there were not too many people around.

@geehuckberryfinn99, 30 days ago

I involve a friend of mine and tie her to the hood of our car where we live. His presence there makes all the difference to make it a real punishment.

@neela2600, 29 days ago

I also involve a friend. My wife gets blindfolded and then I and one of my friends cum on her as her punishment. It doesn’t hurt her so it is a lenient punishment some might say, but of course it is humiliating for her to get someone elses cum on her. I don’t tell her who it is to protect both him and her. Hence the blindfold.

@beefjerkylover1234, 19 days ago

I involve more than one friend. Her punishment is that I take her to a house party a little away from where we live. Then she gets shackled to a chair in the kitchen and blindfolded. Then people can look at her and fondle her a bit.

The blindfold also serves to keep her identity unknown because lots of people take pictures of this.

@kneejerkreactiondoctor, 18 days ago

I do something similar and I am actually surprised that there are so many who think the same way as me. I blindfold her so no one know who is there.

Then I make her give a friend of mine a blowjob. Some times its not a friend but more of an acquaintance which is good because then I can also justify getting paid a bit of money for the transaction.

@cuntlover35, 17 days ago

In our case, when my girlfriend fucks up, we don’t need any blindfold for the deal I have for her to get into my graces again.

As with many of you it involves bondage and other people. I make some appointments with people through reddit and then they come and find her like this. I encourage use of condoms if they want to cum inside and otherwise they should pull and cum somewhere else.

I make a cool 20 per pop. It’s a good deal, not least because I have more than one girlfriend and they make many mistakes.

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