School of seduction

Sara enlisted for one of the more obscure public evening school offers this year. Every year there are all sorts of courses, such as learning a language or some handy craft. Many years, there are also a wide variety of personality and character building courses.

Sara had thought that the school of seduction sounded like an interesting character building course. It was supposed to teach her techniques on how to seduce someone – something she had often admired other girls for being able to do.

When she arrived, she noticed that the training was one on one.

“Next time, there will be more people attending, but we feel that it is better to start out with personal training so you are not inhibited by the strangers watching. Now, let me see your favorite seductive pose.”

Sara tried her best


“No no no, that’s rubbish” the teacher said.

“But I don’t really have a seductive pose, isn’t that what I could learn here”

“Yes, I will try to teach you, but not everyone has that skill. First off, you should imagine that you’re sexy. I know, it might be difficult, but please try to imagine that – now touch your hair and part of your body while you hold that thought.”


“Ha ha, is that it?” The teacher couldn’t stop laughing. “We really have to go back to basics with you, don’t we.”

“What’s wrong with that?” Sara asked. She was getting a little annoyed, but also felt her pride was being threatened.

“I think you have to start with a more basic outfit, and we can make it a little more complex later. If you drop the skirt, you can put one hand near the line of your panties and one hand somewhere near your face”

“My skirt? Why?” Sara protested.

“It’s not about your skirt. It’s about you. You are not in touch with your inner sexy girl”. The teacher explained how they would have to find a way for her to more easily get in touch with herself and that part of that would be to remove any obstacles.

Sara thought that the teacher seemed quite confident and competent and thought she would try it out. She did exactly as he had asked, and felt pretty good about it too.


“Not bad!” the teacher almost yelled. Sara was encouraged by the sudden lack of criticism. She wasn’t really getting praised, but at least she wasn’t ridiculed this time. “… for a beginner”.

“You should be imagining that you are naked” the teacher instructed Sara “being naked is the ultimate seduction, even if you aren’t”

“Ok” Sara said, and changed her pose a bit. The teacher paused. “You are not doing it. Imagine it now – imagine how it would be to be naked right now”…

“I am” Sara said. The teacher looked at her, slightly shaking his head. “… I guess” Sara said.

“Ok, that’s it, if I’ gonna teach you anything, we have to go even more basic. Undress and pose for me again – now remember that pose when you are dressed. That’s how you should pose when you are clothed as well. So really remember the pose you will be doing now, naked. It will take you to the next level and you will be able to improve further”. As the teacher kept talking, Sara found herself undressing and posing in the nude in front of the teacher.


“Better. Better” The teacher said. “It’s certainly better, but are you right now naked as if you were in the shower or are you sexually naked? Nakedness, posing and seduction is about sexuality. You should be thinking dirty thoughts right now.”

“I’m trying, dammit!” Sara yelled, getting frustrated that being naked wasn’t good enough. The teacher repeated Sara’s thoughts. “Being naked is not good enough – you have to really get into the right mindset. Lie down and imagine that you are having sex right now. Imagine you are horny”.

Sara tried to do it, but as soon as she lied down on her knees, the teacher started laughing out loud.


“Ha ha ha, do you call that horniness? Do you call that looking like you are having sex? Ha ha ha, I cannot believe what I am seeing here.”

“But this is what I always do” Sara responded. “Oh really, you must really be an exciting lover, huh?” the teacher said sarcastically.

“How can I do it any differently?” Sara asked. “With my leg like this?”. “Ha ha, you don’t get it. It’s not about your posture, it’s about your attitude.”

The teacher moved in closer. “Notice what your body does, when I do this.”


The teacher had moved up behind, dropped and was pushing his cock into Sara’s pussy. Sara was surprised, but thoughts were also flying through her head and she was trying to notice how her body reacted. How she felt when she was having sex. Meanwhile, the teacher was penetrating deeper and deeper, until his dick was burrowed in her.

“Remember this – notice how your body language changes as you are being fucked.”

He re-arranged her to lie behind her on the bed, lifting up her leg. “Now forget for a moment that my cock is pounding in and out of your pussy, and pose – actually imagine that you are having sex. It shouldn’t be too difficult right now”


She did, and noticed at that moment, that the teacher was smiling. She thought she finally got it. She finally understood it, she thought.

“Ok, not bad” the teacher said, “now let your hands participate as well.” Sara then realized, that her hands were just hanging down, not doing anything. She was now being pumped so hard, that she let go of any inhibitions, and gave what must’ve been the ultimate seductive pose, because at that very moment, the teacher yelled “Yes”, “Yes”, “Yes” and started almost screaming.


“Yeeeees!” the teacher yelled, “Yeeeeeeees! You got it!”. The teacher came in Sara but stayed professional. “Remember that! Remember that feeling! Remember that pose! You got it!” the teacher reassured Sara.

The teacher pulled his cock out of her pussy, with cum following it. “So, Sara, what did you learn today?”

“I learned … hmm … to imagine myself naked”, Sara replied with cum still gushing from her pussy.

“Exactly, Sara. See you next time for a group session”.

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