The Descent of Anna Kournikova – 1/7

It was really a turning point for me, that day on the beach when someone snatched a topless picture of me. You know, it’s quite normal on european beaches, where I was at the time, to be topless. See the girl in the background – she is topless as well. So are many others of the people who are on the beach.

But no one took a picture of them. They took a picture of me.


At this point my professional tennis career was already kind of over, but I were still making big bucks from promotion jobs, modelling and such.

What happened after this innocent picture was taken, was that I was over exposed, so to speak. The picture was shown in magazines, on the internet and everywhere – basically, everyone in the world got used to seeing my breasts. Including myself.

I guess that’s why I didn’t think it was such a bad idea when someone asked me to promote a tennis tournament in Brazil by going on court topless.


I had already become used to seeing myself topless. There was a great cheer from the audience and it was actually just a great success. A very good experience.

6 thoughts on “The Descent of Anna Kournikova – 1/7”

  1. Images are back. It's a blogger bug – and it takes me quite a long time to re-create the posts. Hoping that Blogger will fix the problem too.

  2. I had some chem dog about a year in the past, I’ve been trying to locate a clone of it to feminize actually since then, I feel it really is by far the most potent weed I have ever smoked ,

  3. I’m in IT so I never got the Anna Kournikova virus but I think the people who did although ignorant because they didn’t realize the extension was hidden even though all their other extensions were hidden. It was probably worth it if it was any of these pictures. She is pretty hot 🙂

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