Sealing the deal

“Welcome to Persia!” Ahmed the Sheik said “Come upstairs where we can get straight to business”.


Jeff and Hank traveled all the way the sign a deal on exporting 300 luxury cars to Persia. Usually something like that would be ordered remotely and signed and sent by email or perhaps post.

But the Sheikh has insisted on making deals with people in person and because it was such a big order, Jeff and Hank chose to do the trip.

“Have a seat and I will have my wife bring you some refreshments.”


If you imagine a burka clad woman, you would be wrong. That is for outside use. Inside they don’t wear that. Whether they wear something like this, though, is doubtful. She was wearing something that can best be described as a bikini, covered by a thin veil.

She brought Jeff and Hank each a coke and left us to our business.


We discussed politely with Ahmed the Sheikh and asked whether he had any other concerns before signing.

He said he needed one change in there. He wanted all the cars to be delivered without side mirrors and then he wanted the side mirrors shipped separately and installed by the company on arrival. It was a tax thing. A little detail, but it would mean the contract would have to be changed before they could continue.

“I wonder” Ahmed asked “Is Jeff and Hank common names in America – I mean, for black people?”

“Not really” Hank said “But they are short and so they are quick to type, so that’s something”.

Jeff wanted to get back to business. “Can you sign now and then we send over an add-on contract later?”

“No, in fact, Mr. Hank and Mr. Jeff, you can ask your colleagues to make the changes now and send them over, then we can sign together in a couple of hours”. Hank and Jeff nodded, but were getting annoyed that after all this time they still didn’t have any signature.

“But first” Ahmed said “We need to seal the deal as it is traditional for my culture. I am from a southern tribe that seals a deal with a familiarity ritual”

“Alright” Hank said and shrugged his shoulders “Does it take long?” he asked and looked at his watch.

Just then, Ahmeds wife crawled across the room and to the bed.


“If you will join my wife in the bed, we can get started” Ahmed said.

“Excuse me, what is it that you want us to do?” Hank asked. Jeff didn’t say anything.

“This is a good way to strengthen our bond. You will have sex with my wife, it shows my commitment and it shows that you allow yourselves to be vulnerable in my company” he explained

Meanwhile, his wife was getting naked on the bed.


“Sorry Mr Sheikh, we do not need to have sex with your wife. Just your signature will be fine” Hank said. Ahmed shook his head “No signature without this ritual. It’s up to you. You can do this now or you can leave without the contract. It’s up to you, Misters Hank and Jeff”

“I guess we have to, Jeff” Jeff nodded and looked over at Ahmeds wife. “Now?” he asked the Sheikh.

“Go right ahead” he said

“You’re sure, right, you want us to have sex with her here, right now. Right?” Hank asked again and Ahmed nodded. “Yes, absolutely, there is no misunderstanding”.

Hank and Jeff went to the bed and Jeff started fucking her while Hank was letting her suck his cock, while checking with Ahmed that he was still OK with this.


Jeff wanted to make sure they upheld their end of the bargain and both fucked her, so he took a break and let Hank fuck her. He preferred to lie on the bed and have her ride him.

Meanwhile, she kept Jeff hard with her mouth.


“Does this tradition … have any rules about where we are supposed to cum in your … in your, uhm, this situation?” Hank asked.

“Actually, it’s good that you asked” The Sheikh said “In our culture, it is considered rude to cum inside another mans wife, but other than that there are not many rules”.

“Facial?” Hank asked Jeff and he nodded.

They got up and stood around the Sheikhs wife and each of them came on her face.


Then they looked over at the Sheikh who smiled and nodded. Then he looked at this phone “There is the email, the new contract is here. I will have it printed and signed for you now!”

“Great” Hank said and turned to Jeff. “I guess we did well”

“So how long have you guys been married?” Jeff asked the Sheikhs wife “Just got married this morning in a Misyar marriage – it expires in 2 days”.

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