Setting The Best Team

I had been practicing with my coach at the University every weekend and I knew I still wasn’t fast enough.

This Summer was tryouts for the USA Olympic team, and I desperately wanted this spot. I was in my last year of school, so this was my last chance to qualify for the team.

Today was the day I was to go meet with one of my prospective coaches for the Olympic swim team.

He had a custom built pool at his home so I was to swim four laps and he would time me.


I came in and he introduced himself, “hi, I’m Ricardo” I’ll be your coach this upcoming summer if you can prove you are fast and skilled enough.

I’m Lizzy and thank you so much for this opportunity.

” It’s nice to meet you Lizzy let’s get to it.”

I was a nervous wreck, I took a deep breath and went for it.

First lap, completed with no problem.

second, completed with a breeze.

third, I finished.

then came the final lap, and I was starting to feel my legs get tired, I told myself to push through it.

All, I could think was please let me have done good enough.


I came out of the water and swam up to the edge of the pool

“So how did I do?’

I took a deep breath waiting on my results.

“Well, you did good, your form was great, and your follow-through was excellent.”

But, unfortunately, Ms. Lizzy you’re almost 7 seconds over our maximum time. We really like you to be at 2:45 starting off.

“I’m sorry, you were really close and with a little more training on your speed and breathing and you will be there.”

My heart sank “no please there must be something I can do I am so close, I know we can arrange for some type of agreement, please.

“I have been practicing so hard, this is the last year I’m eligible to apply, please!”

I rubbed my hand across his chest and then down to his dick and gently grabbed it.

He looked at me shocked.

I leaned in close and in a low sexy voice while still stroking his dick and said: ” so is there an agreement we can come to?”

He thought for a while, shaking his head trying to fight the pleasurable feeling of me stroking his dick.”

I started stroking it more intensely while he thought, and then slowly started to undo his pants and pull out his dick so I can stroke it bare.


Before he could give me an answer I pulled his pants all the way down, got on my knees, then took his cock into my mouth swirling my tongue around his dick.

He moaned and threw his head back as I took him whole slurping and swallowing his dick.

I sucked and stopped briefly to suck on his balls, I was going to be sure he was pleased enough to let me join this team.

He pulled me up and walked me over to the bench.

I laid on my back and he pulled my swimsuit to the side and rammed his massive dick into my pussy.


As he fucked me I was desperately hoping he was being pleased, and to make sure I pumped my pussy up and down on his cock meeting his thrust.

“Oh, you like that?’ ” Does that pussy feel good on your dick?”

He let out a long moan while saying yes and started fucking me fast.

I could tell he was really into it, he stopped and ate my pussy making me squirm all over his face.

He stopped eating my pussy and stood over me for me to swallow more dick.

He fucked my mouth until he was close to cumming and stopped, only to come to pound my pussy again.

He went faster and faster and pulled his dick out and shot cum all over my swimsuit.


Afterward, he got cleaned up, he said: “I guess we can work out some type of agreement.”

I smiled “oh yeah what’s that?”

“Well you can join my team, but we fuck after every practice.”

I thought to myself wow every practice, well it’s three times a week and I guess that’s not too bad.

I didn’t want to take too long to answer so I quickly replied ok deal.

He took me in to sign paperwork and that’s how I got to the USA Olympic swim team.

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