The lingerie model

The porn industry is brutal, and you definitely have to make your money and get out.

I had been in porn for 15 years way longer than I intended, but I was now looking to transition.

A friend of mines got me a lingerie modeling job, still sexy, more money, with less work.


This was my second shoot but my first shoot with a male model.

My first few shots for today would be of me modeling a bodysuit for an x-rated lingerie line and then go into me and the male model together.

” Slight smile, and open your legs a little wider.” the photgrapher directed me.

“Ok and for this next shot I need your boobs out, slightly tugging on your bodysuit like you’re ready to take it off.”


” Alright now I want you to get on your knees with your legs spread open, and slightly lean back.”

“Is this ok, I asked.”

“Open your legs further so I can see the opening of the bodysuit.”

“Perfect, now hold it.”

I was really liking this modeling job and was hoping more jobs would come my way through word of mouth if I was really good.


We finished up the outside shots and the photographer explained to me what to expect from the rest of the shoot.

“So, it’s time for close-ups, close-ups are special shots which show certain features and details. These are important for our buyers which are mainly in the porn industry.”

“I know you come from the porn industry so I’m sure you would have appreciated being able to see how you’re lingerie would look when you’re in a doggy style position.”

He was right it would have been pretty cool to know more porn specific related details about my lingerie and costumes.

In this case, the close-ups were different than I expected. Perhaps that was why they paid me 5% more than a regular modeling job. The designer had intended for this lingerie to be sexy, and he wanted to demonstrate how you could have sex while still wearing it.


I went in and met the male model, and all that he would be showing was his cock.

“Ok, you two are going to simulate fucking in two positions, I’m going to shoot a couple close-ups of each, and that will be it.”

It’s not like it was anything I wasn’t used to, and I didn’t actually have to fuck him, just make it look like it.

” First position guys, I’m going to have you bend her over, stick just the head of your penis into her, and leave enough of your penis out, so we can see the action.”

“Pull it out a little more..”


“I’ll take a few more in this position, and we will switch.”

His cock just sitting there was teasing my pussy, I actually wanted him to fuck me.

I started getting his tip very wet, I leaned back a little to make his penis go into my pussy more.

” Lean a little off of the tip,” the photographer said.

“Ok,” I said as if I didn’t do it purposely.


“Alright on to the next pose”

” I need you to reverse cowgirl, and give me a sexy you want it badly look”

“Remember I only need the first few inches in.”

I tried to balance and position myself and I would hold myself up for a minute and then fall down on his cock, but I couldn’t lie it felt amazing.


“Can we get one where the penis is a little further inside?”

“No, not that far, a little more out.”

“Now move to the middle a little more and keep it there.”

“No, don’t push it all the way in again”

“Can you maybe just move up and down very slowly?”

“Then I will capture a bunch of pictures and sort them out later.”

While he was taking pictures and the guy was lifting me up and down slowly, my pussy grew wetter and wetter and I started moaning and so did the male model.

I clenched my pussy down on his cock and kept moving slowly, moving up and down until came all over his cock.

I felt the model clench and then you saw his nut oozing all down my pussy and leg.

“Great job guys, I am all done, and it looks like you are guys are too.”

It looked like I was starting to miss my old job after all.

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