She eventually won the bet

You may wonder why I’m standing here with this girl from my office – and you may also wonder why my coworker chose to wear a dress that, uhm, enhances her attributed as much as this dress does.


There is a good explanation. Her name is Sarah, she is a receptionist and we have a $100 bet going. I said that I was way better at picking up chicks than she was at picking up guys. She took the challenge and claimed that she could easily pick up guys. When I saw her in that dress, I was beginning to think that she was right. That cleavage will probably catch the attention of most guys, whether they are into big hooters or not.

To prove her point, she approached a few guys standing around on the street. They gave her the attention she was looking for.


I got there just in time for her to ask “Wanna come back to my place for some milk?”. They all nodded and was ready to go. Sarah approached me and said triumphantly “See, I did it already!”. I didn’t agree. “You offered them milk and they happen to like milk – this doesn’t count. You have to show that they are actually seduced.” I said.

They went back with her and sat in her couch together. She didn’t know what to do, so she actually brought them some milk.


“Anything else I can do for you guys?” she asked.

One of the guys seemed quite interested in her breast and kind of started touching it – first by touching her arm, then her shoulder, then he slid his hand down onto her breast completely and let the strap fall.


“I won!” Sarah whispered to me, now with both guys holding a hand on each breast. ‘Loser’ I thought to myself and decided to let her jump through a few hoops before I would declare her a winner.

“Gentlemen, may I borrow her for a moment?” I asked. Sarah got up and we went to the next room. The straps on her dress were still hanging off her shoulders, putting both her big hooters in full display.

I said: “Two dudes are touching your breasts – fine, that shows interest, but that is not seduction. If a girl touched my chest, would you declare me the winner? No, of course not. You gotta make them show you that they are actually seduced by you. For all I know, they are just fascinated with your laws-of-physics-defying breasts!”.

Sarah went back in and stood in front of the guys for a few moments, thinking of what to do. She came up with a quite funny line. As she went on her knees and put a hand in the crotch of both guys at the same time, she said “I use cream in my coffee, can you help me?”


Not surprisingly, the guys were collaborating with her and soon after she was holding both cocks and they were beginning to be erect. At this point she would maybe assume that she had already won, but she didn’t know what to do. She couldn’t really outright ask me without letting these two guys know about our strange bet and she didn’t know whether I would deem this as ‘good enough’ or whether I had yet another reason why this would not be considered sufficient seduction for her to win the bet.

That is perhaps why she let the guys take it to the next level and undress her completely. She was now naked with the two guys, surely on the way to winning the bet, however anyone looks at it.


They put her on the couch and this guy was only thinking one thing now. Dick in pussy.


Sarah looked over at me to see whether it was obvious enough now that she had seduced them. I mouthed to her Do you want to win. She kind of nodded back at me, discretely – I lifted my eyebrows and kind of gestured “so…” with my hands. Our non-verbal communication was interrupted by the fact that the dude was now doing his best to shove his cock up her cunt.

Meanwhile, the other guy put his cock in her face and she had no choice but to start sucking it.


She switched around and sat on the other guy while he was sitting on the couch – she was then attempting to discretely talk to me, getting me to acknowledge that she had now won, probably arguing that with both their dicks in her pussy, that should be some kind of indication that she had seduced them.

She didn’t really get that chance, because the other dude was there immediately to shove his cock down her throat.


As she was riding him, he was suddenly holding her hips and holding her down. He was then steering her hips up and down on his cock, taking away any control of the situation that she might have had – he moved her up and down on his cock faster and faster, almost frantically shaking her like a bottle of champagne – and then he seconds later said a grunting sound and started moving her slower and slower while apparently cumming up her cunt.

Moments later, cum dripping from her pussy confirmed the assumption.

At the same time as Sarah realized that, is the time when the other guy was suddenly cumming in her mouth. He held her head and waited until she had to swallow the whole thing.

After the guys had left I went to Sarah, still sitting in the couch, with cum on her face and cum dripping out of her cunt. “You win!” I said and handed her $100. “But I get to keep the video”

This video could come in handy, I thought to myself.

Not to be continued …

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