Sorority initiation – Being cool

“Hi girls, I got your message”


“I went to pick up the outfit you selected for me.”

“Good” her sponsor said, who had met her there with the same photographer from last time. It was just the three of them this time.

Her sponsor took a little pile of pictures out. “By the way, you asked about Britney last time. I found a picture of her” she said and handed the picture to Haley.


“Whoa … where is this?” Haley asked,

“It’s funny you should ask” her sponsor replied “I asked the same thing. I don’t actually know. But I hear she moved to Mexico. Apparently she found a job down there.”

Meanwhile, Haleys sponsor was looking at another picture and Haley was looking over her shoulder.


“Who is that?” Haley asked.

"That’s Sherry. She stayed in that bed tied up for a really long time. No one would untie her. That was a bit of a hard time – but she did learn the lesson not to pledge for our sorority and then back out”.

“Speaking of which – should we get started? The shorts were really not part of the outfit, that was a mistake.”

Haley took the shorts off and was now in a one-suit bathingsuit.


It was kind of see-through a little bit, but other than that, just a pretty normal bathing suit. Haley, however, was standing in the park, people walking by once in a while. She was laughing and smiling confidently – but in reality she was really scared of what might come next.

“OK, today’s theme is to stay cool – we only want cool people in the sorority.”

Haley nodded. “OK, I’m going to set the timer for 5 minutes now. Before the time runs out, you have to get completely naked, pose for a picture and then put your swimsuit back on.” her sponsor explained. “Actually, the last part is optional”.

“Hmm” Haley said, getting ready to ask a question, when her sponsor went “Go!” and started the time. Haley looked around and saw someone walking past on the nearby path. Studidly she asked her sponsor “How much time is left”. She showed her time and said “4 minutes, 37 seconds”.

Haley did some quick thinking. There was just one dude walking on the path behind her. If she waited around, more people might come by. She quickly dropped her swimsuit on the ground and did a cute pose for 5 seconds.


Then she quickly put her swimsuit back on.

“Whoa, that was fast” her sponsor correctly observed. “Well done, Haley!”


Haley smiled. Her heart was pumping as it has never done before, but she was also proud that she had handled the challenge so well. She didn’t even notice that in her hurry, she had pulled the swimsuit up a bit too much.

She was just happy it was over.

But it wasn’t.

“Come with us for the second round – it’s at the club house”

Haley was excited, she had never been inside the club house, she didn’t even know where it was. It turned out to be a regular house with no markings. In fact, it seemed like a completely normal house outside and inside.

And inside, she found something very surprising! Eva Guerrez, their Spanish teacher!


“Mrs. Guerrez!?” Haley said, when she saw her. “You!?”

“Oh, you’re here already, I’m not even ready yet” she said. Go in there and wait. I’ll be there in five minutes.

The girls went into the living room where there was a white couch and sat down. Haley repeated “Mrs. Guerrez! What is she doing here”.

“She is part of it. Now that you know the secret, you also know that you can not continue at school if you abort the pledge. Guerrez would never allow it”.

Speaking of the Mrs. Guerrez, she enters and is dressed like she is ready for … something.

“Here, let’s have a picture first” Mrs. Guerrez says.


“OK Haley, so you want to be part of the sorority. Well, I could tell you a lot of stories, but first you need to become a member.

Mrs. Guerrez told Haley to stand up. Then she pulled Haleys pants down and gave her a good spanking, mostly in honor of the camera, it seemed.


From her attitude, it was obvious that this was a big turn-on for Mrs. Guerrez.


“Oh my, I want it now!” Mrs. Guerrez said. She stripped Haley and herself naked and lied down on the couch. “Come on – now!” she ordered and pointed to her own vagina.

Haley looked up at her sponsor and the photographer who were still there. Her sponsor gestured her tongue between her fingers, letting her know that she had to lick her pussy. Haley had never licked a pussy before, not even given another girl a kiss. But she knew there was no way around it and surprisingly quickly, she found herself licking Mrs. Guerrez’ pussy, as if she was enjoying a chocolate ice cream.


“Yes, yes, yes!” Mrs. Guerrez moaned.

“Harder” she said. This being the first time Haley had licked a pussy, she had no idea what to do. She had a pussy of her own, of course, and should be able to identify, but even so it was difficult.

Mrs. Guerrez got up on the couch and put Haley on the floor, then she could push her pussy down on her face and then control the pressure.


It had the bonus effect of a wonderful photo.

“Yes, that’s it, go on, go on” Mrs. Guerrez encouraged. Haley kept licking, just tried to push her tongue as far up as she could, meanwhile Guerrez increase pressure by pushing her pussy down on Haley’s face.

“Yes, yes, yes, yes, yeeeees, yeeeees, yeeeees, yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee AAAA!!!!”

Mrs. Guerrez came and squirted right in Haleys face to her great surprise. “Ahhhhh” she then said “That was a good one”.

Haley was sitting on the floor, completely shocked with with pussy juice in her face.

“OK, girls, she is all yours again” Mrs. Guerrez said “And oh, I forgot to say, in case you’re wondering, she passed this stage.”

“That’s good news, Haley” her sponsor said. “Now, on to the next stage!”

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